The drink to drink before you drink: Body Armour erases hangovers

Drinks drinking cheers

Mardi Gras, birthdays, Christmas (we all need help), and general Saturday nights all mean one thing: hangovers. But those days might be gone if you’ve got an open mind and a strong will to try anything once: Body Armour exists and is the little drink before a big night out. It’s a little energy-loaded, nutrient-rich […]

Why injecting vitamins ain’t all bad – and is more popular than ever

Rehab Wellness IV drip shot West Hollywood

There’s a different attitude to needles these days. Sure, you’re not meant to jab them into yourself on a whim and fancy at home, but gone are the days where the old hypoderm was a doctor-only administered treatment for vaccinations and blood samples. The likes of Rehab Wellness – just down the road from The Jeremy […]