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The drink to drink before you drink: Body Armour erases hangovers

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Mardi Gras, birthdays, Christmas (we all need help), and general Saturday nights all mean one thing: hangovers. But those days might be gone if you’ve got an open mind and a strong will to try anything once: Body Armour exists and is the little drink before a big night out. It’s a little energy-loaded, nutrient-rich power shot that you take at least an hour prior to drinking as a drinking prophylactic so you wake up in the morning feeling less shit than you otherwise would. Look, nothing’s fool-proof, but there’s something to be said for the ‘one drink, one glass of water’ rule combined with one of these. You wake up feeling on top – more or less – of your game. New to the Australian market (launched October 27) Body Armour is the little drink to have before a big night out. Designed to provide you with essential nutrients and relief from your typical hangover symptoms, this liquid gold is the perfect solution to keeping you on track for your fitness goals. Body Armour at the Sydney Fitness Show Body Armour will have a stand at this year’s Fitness Show (April 12-14 2019 at the ICC Sydney) where you can test the drink, get free stuff and win stuff. And just generally be surrounded by good-looking people.