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Health Done Naturally

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When you’re not feeling at your best it’s all too easy to hit up the pharmacy and taking over the counter medicines, but if you’re beginning to think you’d like to start taking a little extra care of your liver and try to reduce your dependency on the likes of ibuprofen and paracetamol, then this blog’s for you. While you absolutely should take any medication your doctor has prescribed for you for more serious conditions, there are some great alternatives out there for everyday aches and pains. We take a look at some natural alternatives that might help your body out the natural way. Chamomile This flower is more than just a pretty face. You’ll know if you drink it in tea that it has a natural sedative effect, perfect for helping you wind down after a long and stressful day. Used as a cold compress, chamomile is also effective at reducing swelling and inflammation and has a positive effect on wounds. It’s widely used across Europe, so pick up a box of your favourite tea bags and use them hot or cold for a great night’s sleep or to help heal that injury and reduce swelling. Echinacea Many people will tell that you a dose of this a day will help stave off colds and flu or at the very least help your body fight back against the viruses that cause them. The jury is still out on the true effectiveness of this plant but it’s enduring popularity looks set to continue. Image courtesy… Read More