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Swap your synthetically produced fragrance for clean, Australian made brand Recreation Bondi Beach

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Are you over synthetically produced fragrances and seeking a clean, ethically sourced alternative? Then look no further than Recreation Bondi Beach, a locally produced clean brand specialising in fragrances and oils.  Recreation doesn’t use toxic chemicals, endocrine-disrupting ingredients or harmful synthetics. Where possible, ingredients are organic. There are no animal products in their natural fragrances, and there is absolutely no animal testing. They have banned single-use plastics and the one plastic bottle in their entire range (150ml body + hair serum oil) is made from 100% recycled plastic.  Recreation founder Nedahl Stelio is a former Cleo and Cosmopolitan magazine editor who embodies the organic lifestyle and has channelled it into a fragrance collection. We asked Nedahl a few questions about her clean brand and what inspired her to launch Recreation.  1. What inspired you to launch a ‘clean’ beauty brand? I gave up chemicals about 9 years ago when I was struggling to get pregnant. I started researching and one of the first things you read is that people who have ditched chemicals in their beauty products and household products have more luck conceiving. Once you start researching what is actually in those products, it’s very difficult to use them again. I literally gave away boxes of products (I worked in magazines and had a lot of beauty products!) and started from scratch. It’s not what got me pregnant (I was doing so many other things at the same time), but I’ve never gone back to using products with chemicals.  Fragrances are one of the… Read More

3 ways to get your life CLEAN with Space, Avant Garden and Reserve

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What does it take to smell Clean? About £82 and a trip to SpaceNK in the UK, is all! The brand name has fast-become synonymous with quality and sensational fragrances, born out of consciousness and the desire to be decent. The Clean Beauty Collective Inc. was established in Ottawa, Canada in 2003 and in NYC in 2009, toiling away at its mission to create and manufacture products for mindful consumers seeking not only quality in their beauty products, but also peace-of-mind that their products are simple, trusted and conscious. Combine all that together and you’re gifted the three CLEAN ranges of Reserve, Avant Garden and their latest addition, Space; for the home. All about CLEAN Reserve With quality finishings on their fragrance bottles like sustainable wood caps, a fully recyclable bottle, manufactured in a solar-powered facility and corn-derived cellophane, all delivered in recyclable boxes, its a brand that knows very potently, the difference between right and wrong. On top of that, the Reserve range is the culmination of a unique, creative collaboration with three of the world’s top fragrance houses chosen because of their commitment to sustainability and philanthropy, marrying a trueartisanal perfumery with high-quality raw ingredients for an olfactive journey for the nose, like no other. You’ll find the CLEAN Reserve range in smells like these: Sueded Oud – a balance of freshness and deep incense, surrounded by warmth and earthiness Citron Fig – is an explosion of freshness with a unique blend of citrus, spices and woods. Rain – blends Amazonian rain with… Read More