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Banana is the new strawberry according to the South Pacific Jam Company

Jam croissant

Strawberry jam is dead. And no, that’s not because psychos keep pricking them with needles all over the country, but, according to the South Pacific Jam Company, strawberry jam has a new contender for first place in the jam game. And, the usurper? Banana jam.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by South Pacific Jam Company (@southpacificjamcompany) on Sep 26, 2017 at 8:03pm PDT They categorise it as a taste of spontaneous joy, which – as founder and manufacturer, Catherine Stace would attest to – is just the beginning. Because Australia has an abundance of tree fruits but culturally we’ve been stuck in a loop of runner fruits, we have overlooked stunning flavour profiles such as bananas. Using popular home-grown fruits, the Banana Jam, Mango & Ginger Jam and Guava & Pineapple Jam are made with crafted blends of Australian unrefined raw sugar, coconut oil and coconut sugar creating a rich, caramelised coconut setting with up to 40 per cent* less sugar than other jam and spreads. And the result is incredible! Banana jam primarily is quite a delicate flavour; sweet, but fruity, smooth, but textured – but overall delicious. The South Pacific Jam Company range is versatile; you can add it to your toast, drizzle it on pancakes, top it on yoghurt, shake it up in a smoothie, slather it on a pavlova, add it to a cheese platter or create a salad dressing, which is why it’s so good. A lot of what the South Pacific Jam Company produces can be used in this way as well as the traditional ‘on… Read More