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Kingdom of Rice is where to get your favourite Cambodian food in Sydney

Kingdom Rice Merivale food 2

Sydney food and drink masters, Merivale, is about to open a new Cambodian food spot, Kingdom of Rice on 12 October, for six weeks only at the Tennyson Hotel. So if Phnom-Penh inspired dishes are your thing, the new project by the guys behind Potts Point restaurant ACME is where you’re at. It’s a Cambodian-style street food in the drive-way eatery for a six-month stint, serving-up a menu of five categories of shared-style dining; snacks, skewers, grill, wok, noodles and rice. You start off with prahok k’tis (crudities with prahok k’tis, a dip made with fermented fish paste, pork belly and kreung), svay kchey (green mango, chilli and salt) and ‘trey neet alek’ (dried fish and watermelon), followed by a selection of skewers served with chlouh (pickled green papaya salad) and numpang (baguette) – phsaet ung (shiitake mushroom), sach chrouk ung (caramelised pork) and sach gor ung (lemongrass beef). Hot off the wok are classics including bort ling (corn, dried shrimps and scallions), cha dtrop (chicken, smoked eggplant and coriander) and cha le’a samot tdek meric (pippies, lime and kampot pepper), while slab moan baoek ung (kreung stuffed chicken wings), trey ung (whole fish, lemongrass, coconut and herbs) and murk ung (calamari, pork fat and scallions) are served straight from the grill. Rounding out the savoury offering is a selection of noodle and rice dishes that pair perfectly with the mains. For dessert, the team has turned to the fruits of South East Asia with jek ung (grilled banana, sticky rice and caramel), noum dorng karem (pandan coconut waffle and coconut sorbet) and bobor lapoav (roasted pumpkin, tapioca and coconut milk). They’ve been inspired by the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh markets and the space is… Read More