The best non-alcoholic tipples to try this Dry July

Research from DrinkWise indicates that 43% of all alcohol drinkers want to cut down their consumption. Dry July is a great annual reminder to reflect on your drinking habits and reset. Not familiar with the month-long challenge? Dry July is simply a month of going “dry” on alcohol for whatever reason speaks to you, whether that’s to raise money for charity, try to curb negative drinking habits, or even lose a couple kilos. Whatever your reasons, the challenge doesn’t have to be shall we say, challenging, when it comes to socialising or knocking off work for the week. Every year more and more great alcohol free alternatives besides the standard soft drink or soda water are popping onto the market and we’ve rounded them up for you.

For the wine lovers

Hardy’s, ZERO

Hardy’s has taken their wine making experience and perfected it to make alcohol free wine. The Hardy’s ZERO range is crafted using state-of-the-art technology that gently de-alcoholises the wine at a cooler temperature while retaining natural flavours, aromas and body, just like regular wine. The process also makes it lower in sugar and calories  compared to other zero-alcohol wines that use traditional dealcoholising methods. Boasting three varieties: ZERO Shiraz, ZERO Chardonnay and ZERO Sparkling, you can sip the wine you love without the alcohol.


Plus and Minus, Zero Alcohol Wines

Plus and Minus offers a contemporary range of wines developed to be richer in antioxidants, minus the alcohol. ?Their latest innovations are the Plus and Minus Bubbly Rose and Plus and Minus Moscato. They truly have a wine variety for every taste. We say you can’t miss their non alcoholic Pinot Noir. 


For the beer fanatics

Big Drop Brewing Co, Woodcutter Brown Ale

World-leader in non-alc beer Big Drop Brewing Co has released a very special limited-edition non alcoholic beer for Dry July. The Woodcutter Brown Ale is a malt-focused brown ale with a toasty aroma, soft grassy notes and a touch of fruit and caramel. 

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Corona, Cero Non Alcoholic Beer

The Corona taste we all know and love, without the alcohol. The pared back version, Corona Cero, is a great brew to take to parties, BYO on lime wedges though. 

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For the spirit sippers

Monday Distillery, Non-Alcoholic Rouge Fizz G&T

Not only are Monday Distillery the boss of cute packaging, but they also make inventive, alcohol free drinks. Going booze free is even easier with their latest release, the Rouge Fizz G&T. If you’re a gin and tonic lover, this is a shiraz gin-inspired delight with cherry, black plum, and chai spice that you won’t want to miss.

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Lyre’s, Non Alcoholic Italian Orange

If you’re an Aperol Spritz fan and can’t fathom a month without them, try Lyre’s alcohol free Italian Orange. Pair in a sangria glass with alcohol free prosecco and soda water and you’re in for a great afternoon. 


For the sweeter sippers


For Dry July, the beloved hard seltzer brand FELLR has launched a non-alc version of their range. Coming in the best (in our opinion anyway) flavours of Watermelon and Mango, FELLR FREE is a sweet treat that’s actually sugar and alcohol free!

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If you or a loved one feel they have a problem with alcohol, help is available.