Sydney orchestra gets a new world famous player

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Renowned for his mesmerising rendition of Les Baricades Mistérieuses and Jean-François Tapray’s variation of Rameau’s Les Sauvages, the talented harpsichord virtuoso Justin is poised to captivate audiences with his artistry.

Collaborating with celebrated designer Trent Suidgeest, known for his immersive and theatrical styling inspired by the opulence of the Château de Versailles, Justin promises a performance that transcends mere music.

A musical masterpiece comes to life

Co-founder and Artistic Director of the renowned ensemble, Paul Dyer, expresses his anticipation for Justin’s Australian debut on the Brandenburg stage. Recognizing Justin as an exceptional performer and a true master of the harpsichord despite his youth, Dyer sets the stage for an unforgettable evening of musical excellence. The grandeur of the Bach’s Concerto for Four Harpsichords, with Justin joined by Neal and Anthony, promises a symphonic experience like no other.

The artistry of Justin unveiled

With a repertoire that includes intricate pieces like Les Baricades Mistérieuses and Les Sauvages, Justin’s mastery of the harpsichord shines through in every note. His interpretation of these Baroque classics, combined with his innovative flair, transports audiences to a realm of musical sophistication and emotional depth. Collaborating with fellow musicians of exceptional calibre, Justin elevates the performance to new heights, promising a harmonious fusion of talent and creativity.

A stylistic symphony inspired by history

Under the artistic vision of Trent Suidgeest, the performance takes on a transformative quality, drawing inspiration from the grandeur and elegance of the Château de Versailles. Suidgeest’s immersive and theatrical styling imbues the concert with a visual richness that complements the auditory brilliance of the music. Through meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for historical aesthetics, Suidgeest creates a sensory experience that transports audiences to a bygone era of splendour and refinement.

An evening of musical splendour

As Justin, alongside his esteemed colleagues, takes to the stage in a resplendent display of talent and artistry, audiences can expect an evening of unparalleled musical splendour. From the delicate trills of Les Baricades Mistérieuses to the dynamic rhythms of Bach’s Concerto for Four Harpsichords, each piece promises to enrapture and delight. With the fusion of musical excellence and visual artistry, this performance is set to be a feast for the senses, leaving a lasting impression on all who bear witness to its magnificence.

Embracing the legacy of baroque music

In celebrating the timeless beauty and complexity of Baroque music, Justin, Paul Dyer, and Trent Suidgeest pay homage to a rich artistic tradition that continues to inspire and enchant audiences worldwide. Through their collective passion and dedication, they breathe new life into historical masterpieces, ensuring that the legacy of harpsichord music remains vibrant and relevant in the contemporary world. Join them on this musical journey and experience the magic of Baroque brought to life with unparalleled skill and artistry.


City Recital Hall, Sydney

  • Fri, 5 July, 7:00pm 
  • Sat, 6 July, 2:00pm 
  • Sat, 6 July, 7:00pm 
  • Tues, 9 July, 7:00pm
  • Wed, 10 July, 7:00pm 

Melbourne Recital Centre?

  • Thus, 11 July, 7:00pm 
  • Sat, 13 July, 7:00pm 
  • Sun, 14 July, 5:00pm 


Couperin Les Baricades Mistérieuses

D’Anglebert/Reali Variations sur les Folies d’Espagne

Tapray/Corrette (after Rameau) Les Sauvages

Bach Concerto for 4 harpsichords in A minor, BWV 1065