Sydney: Bar Totti’s open – and why you should care

Totti 4

The ivy in Sydney has a new housemate: Bar Totti.

It’s walk in only, the relative to the Bondi version and front-and-centre in the ivy complex right in the middle of the city, giving visitors all the alcohol-fuelled, foodie haven-ness that’s synonymous with the Merivale movement.

Totti 1

It’s fun, high-energy and ready for a party, putting chefs Mike Eggert and Jake Ahrens (Ash St. Cellar, Uccello) behind the pans to serve-up the simple and delicious food Totti’s is renowned for.

With a menu built on wood-fired bread, house-made antipasti and snacks, it’s a simple offering to line the stomach before visiting any of the the ivy’s other venues well into the night.

Totti 3

The antipasti list is touting about 20 options, like sardines, anchovies, octopus, scallop crudo, prosciutto, ‘nduja, burrata, baked tomino and marinated peppers. Snacks are ‘alla griglia’ (grilled), like king prawns, chili and fennel, halloumi, oregano and lemon, chicken wings, honey and rosemary, and grilled garfish lemon and bay leaf.

The drinks? Simple. The desserts? On the menu. The atmosphere? Worth it.

For a visit, go to ivy, Shop 4/330 George Street.

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