Swimmers for summer: You need Smithers

Smithers 4

If you’re a dude who worries about the quality he wraps around his bits, then you can stop looking, chill a bit and open up Chrome: we’ve got the answer.

Smithers 3

Sure, it’s one thing to buy your next pair of swimming duds from Kmart or something equally as seemingly “affordable but good enough”, but why you’d bother still defies belief. Why? Because Smithers exists and it’s shaking shit up for men and their swimming needs all over Australia.

Think quality poly, very Euro little waist cords and very polished-looking steel capped ends, which make for one very tidy pair of toggs to hit the waves, or lay by them, this summer.

Smithers 2

Inspired by the family slogan: “Speak less than you know, have more than you show”, Smithers brings about a little more taste than you see, more often-than-not, on Australian beaches, that the country is just crying out for.

And with a slogan like that,you know what they’re all about. Tasteful revelations of the body and the personality, all wrapped up together in a nice little package (pardon pun), that is affordable to buy and stylish to try.

See the full range at the Smithers website.

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