Changing your drinking habits: What’s Your Story?


Over the next two weeks, Melbourne will come alive with three artwork installations that highlight one thing: the drinking culture in Melbourne is taking a shift. But, is it for you?

The City of Port Phillip, City of Stonnington and City of Melbourne are all coming together this summer to highlight a fundamental shift in the way Melbourne locals approach their drinks.

They hit the streets and targeted people from the ages of 18 to 24 who enjoy pubs, visit clubs and are out ’til all hours, making the most of Melbourne’s renowned nightlife.

What did they find? Three poignant quotes from hundreds of people they collected stories from that really shone a light on some promising shifts in the approach we might be seeing towards drinking and drinking culture. Hot tip: it’s a healthier one.

Aptly titled What’s Your Story? – see it at @whatsyourstorymelb on Insta – it formed a new campaign by the three local governments that is about asking participants a series of questions relating to their nightlife experiences in Melbourne and relaying the three core approaches to drinking culture that exist now into interactive artwork around the city. It’s all a part of VicHealth’s Alcohol Culture Change Initiative which aims to change cultures of risky drinking in Victoria.

“Music is all I need” was the first of three installations to make its way to Queensbridge Square (15 February), before the other two take an even rotation to give each message a natural moment in the spotlight. It’s reflective of a culmination of quotes and new approaches to drinking that creative agency John Fish, turned into something visually stunning that makes you think.

Meanwhile, Savour it, remember it took to the Greville Street location. It’s a 3m X 2m LED dancefloor and the centrepiece of the installation and loaded with additional aesthetic emphasis. While the third, but not least Drinking isn’t centre stage piece differs from the others, yes, but is visually striking with its nine mirrored pillars. It launched on 15 February at the Acland Plaza location.

See the rest of the locations and dates below or have a look at the What’s Your Story? campaign at the website.

This post was written in collaboration with the Cities of Port Philip, Stonnington and Melbourne.