Things that erase confidence and how to deal with them

Happy man

Life is complicated and unexpected, and there are many things that can happen to put a dent in your confidence. However carefree and ‘go with the flow’ you try to be, it’s inevitable that some things will affect you harder than you would want. This is normal, it happens to everyone and part of life is about finding paths through the darkest woods. But what are the top causes of reduced confidence, and what steps can you take to get yourself back on top? Just as confidence can be diminished, it can also be rejuvenated, and you can always, always take back control of your life.

Weight gain

As you might expect, weight gain is a major cause of confidence loss. However much you try to be body-positive, an unexpected gain of a few pounds that leaves you unable to fit into your favourite clothes, and feeling uncomfortable in your body, can have a drastic effect on your mental health. Many people have experienced this recently due to lockdown measures leaving them unable to exercise in their normal routines. The best way to rebuild your confidence is to take the pressure off yourself. Yes, try to lose the weight by regular exercise and managing your diet – but also, treat yourself to some new clothes that actually fit! This will make you look and feel better in the meantime, getting rid of that horrid feeling as you squeeze into ill-fitting clothes, and helping you feel comfortable in yourself right now.

Hair loss

Especially for men, hair loss can become a huge issue. Some men take to wearing hats as much as possible to disguise their hair loss, but this is only a temporary measure and it does nothing to address the root consequences to your confidence. And yet, though hair loss might feel insurmountable, there are ways to counteract its effects. Hair loss treatment can be remarkably effective, giving you back the thick locks you take so much pride in. Of course, once you reach a certain age hair loss can be a natural part of aging – rather than coping with a receding hairline, many people have found the best solution is to embrace the change and go with a close shave, making it into a stylistic choice rather than an affliction.

A break-up

The end of a relationship can have drastic effects on your self-confidence. It’s easy to feel at the time like there’s no way forward, that you’ll never feel happy again. This is not true! Take some time to grieve the relationship, yes, but also remind yourself of all the great parts of your life that don’t rely on a relationship at all. What are the TV shows you love that you can now watch whenever you want? What are the friendships you might have neglected recently? Were there certain foods your partner hated that you can now eat with abandon at every meal? Actively seeking the positives in the situation might feel difficult, but it’s a great way to start rebuilding your confidence as soon as possible.