Styling by the experts: Sabrina Monte Carlo tells us how it’s done

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If there’s one name to know in the world of styling, it’s Sabrina Monteleone-Øeino.

The founder of Sabrina Monte Carlo styling, she’s got years of experience in the fine touch to presenting any space, which this year, is honing in on the finer side of things at the Monaco Yacht Show.

They’ll be celebrating the launch of the brand’s e-shop; an exclusive distributor St Louis and Lalique’s newest crystal creations alongside Paola Lenti poufs and tables, all staged in a colourful, vibrant space.

We spoke to Sabrina for some tips on how it’s done and why she does it!

Why do you style?

 It just was always natural for me. I remember my parents left one week-end when I was thirteen and my sister and I painted a huge mural in our bedroom and redecorated it all !

What is the guiding principle that drives every styling decision you make?

Optimise every corner – every space has to be useful. For example, for our Villa Riviera project we had an area above the garage with the most beautiful view of the garden. We never used it and now it is an outdoor gym!

Is there a way people can easily replicate designs they like?

Of course, just paint your wall a new colour, add some wallpaper, cushions, carpets – a small change goes a long way.

Tell me how you approach each new project.

I start with neutral colours and add touches of colour later on. Then I choose a theme, a story – don’t be afraid to mix materials or brands etc, there is nothing worse than a project that looks like a showroom !

What is the benefit of having a wonderfully styled interior?

Feeling good at home! You spend most of your time there so you should be comfortable and happy to be in it.

See more at the Sabrina Monte Carlo website.

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