Still in lockdown? Here are 4 top home workouts by Tim Robards

Tim Robards up dog

New South Wales might be kicking goals when it comes to Freedom Day, but for the rest of us – and probably Sydneysiders all over again, let’s be honest – working out at home is still very much a thing.

So, we spoke to Tim Robards, Medibank’s Live Better at Home Program ambassador and what’s best to do while we’re there.

Here is what he had to share…

How have you been maintaining your fitness from home?

Like anyone, I definitely am not immune to the challenges that come with lockdowns, both physically and mentally. Now, more than ever; exercise, mindfulness, healthy eating and family time are important priorities. Personally, exercise is something in my life that really feeds my mental resilience.

With gyms being closed and a lack of training buddies available, I’ve certainly had to pivot from my usual routine; but I don’t mind a new challenge! To help maintain my fitness and switch things up, I’ve been doing a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. I’ve found that indoors is great for activities like yoga and mobility-based stretching, as well as for meditation, which is something I really enjoy. I’ve been loving meditating with the Medibank Live Better at Home program, which is a great free platform that I’ve been creating some content for. In terms of outdoor exercises, I’ve been making use of my TRM rings in the park and backyard, getting in lots of walking and running, alongside some garage sessions with my adjustable dumbbells.

Do you have any exercise tips or hacks for working out from home?

It may sound obvious, but the best exercise tip is to just show up and try to do something! I find the simple act of putting on your joggers and workout clothes to be a great start. It can be easy to feel flat or sluggish, or unmotivated to exercise, especially if you’ve been stuck inside all day.

Sometimes you may only feel like doing 10 minutes of exercise, but 10 minutes is still something. I recommend trying to get a little fresh air and sunlight and set realistic goals for yourself. You don’t need to put pressure on yourself to have the same type and level of workout that you would in the gym. Over time, 10 minutes may just turn into 30 minutes, or an hour. Either way, making an effort to exercise can really give a great sense of achievement.

There are also helpful ways to eliminate obstacles when working out at-home…

  • Don’t have weights? Order some adjustable dumbbells, a set of rings, or fill up some backpacks with water bottles.
  • Don’t know what to do, or need some coaching? Jump on to the Medibank Live Better at Home platform and give the free guided content a go (featuring yours truly among others!).
  • Lacking the energy? Just start small, once you begin you may be surprised by how much energy you actually have. The first step or habit you want to master is just simply putting on your training gear. Just start with that!
  • Missing your training partner? Connect with a friend to exercise together virtually, you’ll help to keep each other accountable.

Tim Robards’ top 4 exercises for the ultimate at-home workout

Devil Presses (dumbbells optional)

Tim Robards Devil Presses

A Devil Press is basically a burpee with dumbbells in hand, plus an overhead press after standing up.

Begin standing with dumbbells in hand. Drop down to the ground and do a pushup while holding the dumbbells carefully. Then, jump your legs through either side of your hands after your pushup. Keep your back in a neutral position, not too rounded. Then, stand up, swing the dumbbells up to your chest and then push them overhead.

Repeat! It’s the ultimate all-over body exercise and a major calorie burner. If you don’t have dumbbells, just turn it into a burpee with a jump and reach overhead! Weight training is really personal, a good rule of thumb is to start slowly, use a weight that feels right for you and increase weight when you feel ready and it is safe to do so.

Yoga pushups

Tim Robards Yoga pushups

Start in a Downward Dog position, slowly lower your chest towards the ground while keeping your bum high. When your chest is almost touching the ground, then lower your hips and scoop the body into an Up Dog position. Repeat the exercise by raising the hips back up and to return to the Downward Dog position.

Hamstring sliders

Tim Robards Bridge

Lie on the ground on your back to start the exercise in a bridge position. Your shoulders should be on the ground with hips elevated and your knees bent at 90 degrees. For this move, you will need to be on floorboards and either wearing quite thick socks, or position a towel beneath your feet.

If you’re on carpet, you can use a book under your feet to allow for sliding. The aim of this exercise is to slide your feet outwards from your body, until your legs are almost straight, without letting your bum touch the ground. Then, slide the feet back up under your knees to resume their 90-degree angle.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Tim Robards B Split Squat

A Bulgarian Split Squat is essentially a lunge with one leg elevated, it’s a great exercise for glutes and quads.

Using a chair or couch, rest one of your feet up on the chair behind you, with the other leg in front of your body. Drop downwards until your back knee has almost touched the ground, while your front knee bends to about a 90-degree angle. Repeat a set of this exercise on one leg before switching to the other leg.

This is general information. It is not health advice and it is not tailored to meet your individual health needs. You should consult a trusted health professional before determining whether this fitness activity is suitable for you.