Simple skin care help for novices

Woman bathroom

Looking after the skin is important. If you are constantly self conscious about your looks and you want to look naturally beautiful, step away from the concealer and open your heart to toner instead. In the beauty world, your skin is the foundation of the building you create. If the foundation is uneven and wonky, the finished piece won’t look impressive and polished. If you want to look great with makeup, you need to consider maintaining great skin. 

Today we want to share some handy skin care tips which will help you keep stunning and glowing skin all year long. Whether you need to use xylocaine for acne, have issues with oil or your complexion is red, we have some great tips and tricks to make your skin healthier. 

Get to know your skin type

Before you can carve out a routine for your skin care you need to know what your skin type is. If you have never paid attention to your skin type before there is a very simple test you can undertake to find out. 

Wash your face and dry it with a flannel. Leave the skin uncovered for 15 minutes. After this time, head over to the mirror and look at your skin closely. Depending on your skin type you will see the following: 

  • Oily- oil all over the face
  • Combination- oil in the T Zone, dry patches elsewhere 
  • Dry – dry patches and peeling 

Once you know your skin type you can start to find products to use.

Simple 5 stepsĀ 

Every day, you will want to ensure that you carry out a healthy skincare routine to keep the skin healthy and happy. Here are the 5 things you should be doing every single day: 

  1. Cleanse – to get rid of dirt 
  2. Exfoliate – to deep clean pores 
  3. Tone – to tighten pores 
  4. Serum – to brighten complexion 
  5. Moisturise – to hydrate and anti-age

These steps should be the basis for your skin care routine and you can always add in extra steps along the way as long as you keep these core ones in tact. 

Use less product

You might be used to seeing those videos on YouTube and Instagram where makeup artists use a bucket load of foundation on their skin when applying makeup. Although the result might look good, this is not good for the skin and application like this should be reserved for special occasions only. Try a CC cream which provides less coverage and less blockage of the pores and by doing this you will decrease the risk of suffering with blackheads. 

Get beauty sleep

You have likely heard of people say this before and assumed it was a joke, but beauty sleep is a real thing. The more sleep you get the more time your body has to relax and get rid of toxins in the skin, and this in turn will allow you to wake up with no puffy eyes and less spots. Beauty sleep is a good thing and is there really any reason why you should get more sleep?