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Shower your fur baby with enrichment toys on National Puppy Day

Stylish Hound

Is your pupper living his or her best life? Not that you need an excuse, but March 23rd is National Puppy Day, so why not show your fabulous four-legged friend how much you adore him or her by gifting an enrichment toy. Enrichment toys help doggos relieve stress and anxiety, which may be caused by separation anxiety. This is particularly relevant right now as some of us start to return to the office after spending the last year working from home. Yes, this is probably just as stressful for you as well, seeing their little face drop when you walk out the door! But, let’s focus on your fur baby for the moment.  When you come home from work, reward your friend for their patience by providing a fun activity. Boutique doggy brand, Stylish Hound has a great range of products that will keep your dog entertained and happy – a great way to help relieve their stress when you come home from work.   These fun products include the Hercules Chew Toys, Snuffle Mats and Lick Mats with suction.  Hercules Chew Toys Fill these nifty toys with your dog’s favourite snack or treat and let them at it! These Hercules chew toys help keep your hound’s teeth and gums clean while they enjoy endless stress-free entertainment. Unlike other brands, Stylish Hound uses a smaller hole to slow your pup down when licking treats out of it.  Lick Mat with Suction Dogs lick for many reasons. It could be to show affection or to grab your… Read More

Stylish Hound is the doggo brand you and your beloved four-legged friend have been waiting for!

Stylish Hound

Boutique doggo brand Stylish Hound was launched in late 2019 by hound lovers, Karen and Edward. And now thanks to this innovative and creative couple, your fur baby has a gorgeous range of doggy products such as harnesses, leashes, collars, and seatbelts to choose from to suit their individual personalities and needs.  From the playful ‘High Top’ range to the sweet ‘Newtown’ lineup, you’re bound to find a design that suits your doggo’s personality, size, and temperament. Does she have a tendency to pull when you go walking? Then take a look at Stylish Hound’s ‘No-Pull Dog Harness’ – the brand’s signature product that came about after Karen suffered a broken arm and found walking Bagel the beagle next to impossible.  Affordable, functional, and super cute, there’s now no excuse for not spoiling your fur baby! And remember, when travelling with your friend in the car, it’s illegal not to have your furry friend restrained in the car with their own doggy seat belt (so as to not distract the driver). It also acts as a restraint to keep the dog safely in the car. The fine in NSW if caught with an unrestrained dog can be in excess of $400 and a penalty of three demerit points. So if you were unaware of this law, or have been hoping not to get caught, the risk of being fined far outweighs the cost of having a sensible (and stylish) seat belt and harness.  If you and your fur baby enjoy water sports, Stylish Hound also… Read More