Bottomless aperitivo at Don Fred Sydney

Don Fred pasta wine

Bid farewell to the days of endless eggs Benedicts and mimosas at brunch; it’s time to embrace the Italian flair of ‘Bottomless Aperitivo’ at Don Fred, nestled in the vivacious Newtown. This culinary delight has been a cornerstone of Italian culture for generations, and now Sydneysiders have the pleasure of indulging in this timeless tradition. Nothing captures the essence of Italian dining like the leisurely spread of exquisitely crafted courses, each designed to tantalize the palate, complemented by a cascade of curated spritzes.

Priced with charm and accessibility in mind, at $49 per person, a three-course extravaganza awaits you at this newly unveiled Paninoteca Bar, serving adoring patrons from Friday to Sunday, noon till the stars claim the sky. But for those with a penchant for something truly spectacular, the ‘Bottomless Spritz’ offering beckons. Indulge in the zesty and spirited effervescence of an Aperol or Lemon Gin Spritz for an additional $65 per person—an accompaniment that transforms dining into a celebration.Don Fred’s menu is a symphony of culinary delights: start with a delicate capsicum carpaccio or the inventive garlic konjac with black rice, move on to a hearty polpetz on polenta, and conclude with a choice of a decadent chocolate mousse or a tropical coconut pannacotta. Please note, this elegant feast requires an online booking for a minimum duo of gourmands. Don Fred’s ‘Bottomless Aperitivo’ doesn’t just offer a meal; it offers an experience—a chance to seamlessly blend the enjoyment of splendid food and drink with the joy of conversation and camaraderie. Situated at 28 King Street, embrace the invitation to unwind, reconnect and celebrate under the warm embrace of the Australian sun—all within the beating heart of Newtown. Open Wednesday through Sunday, from midday whispers to evening’s glow, make your days count with a toast to la dolce vita.

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