Phenomenal guide to compare & evaluate car insurance policies

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Insurance is something that is mandatory so it makes sense to make sure that you are getting a good deal when you acquire it. There are a lot of different insurance companies around, but the smart shopper is going to compare rates and get the best savings.

Price Comparison

The first thing that people tend to look for when they are paying attention to insurance is the price comparison. It is good to look at a price with the quotes, and this is something that can usually be compared online. There are a lot of things that go into the price of the insurance, and things like credit score and your previous driving record will play a part of that.

When you compare prices the rates may be similar for basic coverage, but the rates may increase based on the type of perks that you get as you move into premium coverage that gives you things like rental cars and other types of perks at no extra cost if an accident occurs.

Type of Coverage

It is a good idea to look at the coverage that you are trying to obtain for your policy. You may find that basic car insurance with one company will be the same as the cost of comprehensive coverage with another company. Keep these things in mind when you are searching for insurance. You may find that it is cheaper to use another insurance company just because they give you more coverage for less money.

Your Location

A large part of your insurance coverage is going to depend on your location. You may discover that there is a great amount of coverage available with a local insurance company that is in your area. This may not be a nationwide company, but it may give you great rates just the same. It is a good idea to look at the possibilities that are available with these types of companies.

Bigger franchised insurance companies are going to have higher rates because they are more well-known. These companies are spending a lot on marketing, and this is a cost that the customer will often incur because there may be a huge cost of operations that is associated with advertising. If you look at smaller companies in your local area that are not as well-known you may find yourself getting greater discounts because these companies do not have the same cost of operations. It benefits you to consider the smaller lesser-known companies that have similar coverage plans.

Sometimes your location may play a part in the amount you spend on insurance. Do not get with companies that take your crime rate into consideration because your rates will be higher if you live in a high crime area.

Customer Service

For most people, customer service is something that they will not know much about until they actually have an accident that requires them to utilize the customer service for themselves. There are, however, ways to check for ratings with insurance companies and the customer services that they provide. This will give you a better outlook on if the company is expedient when it comes to handling claims. You will have a better idea of the support that is available when you check the ratings of other people that have already used these insurance companies.


There are companies that provide discounts based on certain types of organization affiliations and driving records. There are some companies that are going to have discounts for people that are in the military. Others have discounts for people that are in college. It is wise to check all of these possibilities because every insurance company is not going to offer the same discount. In fact, some discounts are going to be exclusive to certain types of insurance companies. What you must realize, however, is that there are limitations on discounts for the number of organizations you are affiliated with. That is why you should see what the final quote is going to be based on the discounts that you received.


Customer loyalty is something that can help you earn points to get big discounts later on. There may be no initial discounts offered, but you can check the ratings for these companies and find out if there are discounts for being a loyal member. This may help you down the line. It may give you much better rates as you continue to keep your coverage with the same insurance company.

Additional Perks

Some insurance companies provide additional perks that cannot be found anywhere else. You may have companies that send out coupons to other businesses. There may be coupons for rental cars or restaurants that you can acquire from some insurance companies. These might be the things that sway some customers to consider getting coverage with a certain insurance company.