Which vehicles can the towing company pick up for you?

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When you are stranded on the side of the road, you can get service for any vehicle no matter how big it is. However, you need to let the tow company know what you are driving, what sort of situation you are in, and where you would like to go. Every tow company is a bit different, and they should be able to tow all the vehicles listed below. All you need to do is make sure that the tow company can reach you in a reasonable amount of time with a vehicle that will handle all your vehicles.

Normal cars and trucks

When you check out a website like fastsydneytowing.com.au, you can learn which vehicles the tow company can handle. However, every company can pick up a regular car or truck. You simply need to let the tow driver know what situation you are in. If the car has seized up completely, you cannot put it in neutral to ride behind a tow truck. In these cases, you need a flatbed trailer. If the car has been smashed completely, you need a truck with a flatbed and winch that can pull the car onto the flatbed.

Box trucks

There are a lot of local companies that will use box trucks to manage their deliveries, and you need to know if your chosen two company can haul box trucks. Box trucks can be very large, and you simply need to know if there is a truck big enough to haul a truck like that. Plus, you need to make sure that the company can respond to you quickly even though they will arrive in a special truck.

Trailer trucks

There are massive tow trucks that are meant to haul a trailer truck, and you should ask the towing company if they have a truck that can handle these vehicles. These two trucks are extremely large, and some drivers do not even know how to drive them because they are so large. You need to ask the tow company if they can help you with the trailer trucks that you use every day to manage your business.

Ask about response time

You should ask about the response time that you will get no matter what sort of car you own. You need to know that the tow company can reach you in a reasonable amount of time, and you need to know they will come faster if you are caught in the middle of a freak storm. No on wants to feel unsafe, and it is best for you to make sure the company can com quickly. If they cannot, you should call someone else. 


Ask the questions above to ensure that the tow company can help you with your vehicles. You need to find a tow company that can haul your vehicle safely, and you must make sure that they can reach you quickly. Choosing a tow truck company requires a bit of research so that you know you are calling an expert.