Peruvian in Sydney: welcome Warike to Surry Hills

Peruvian food table flat

In the energetic culinary enclave of Surry Hills, there exists an intriguing gastronomic journey that has been steadily enchanting the palates of Sydney folk. Jointly owned by Luis Guzman, Valeriya Finogeeva, and Executive Chef Hector Chunga, Warike has rapidly ascended to the culinary spotlight, shaking up the scene with its unique intermingling of Peruvian and Mediterranean influences. Warike has become a byword for authenticity, innovation, and the invigorating thrill of novel flavours, evolving from an unassuming home-based start-up into a local dining sensation.

“Our journey commenced when I began cooking at home during the lockdown. Our passion for sharing the diverse and stimulating flavours of Peru pushed us to expand beyond the limits of my apartment,” shares Luis Guzman, co-proprietor of Warike.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional ‘Warikes’ of Peru—unassuming, hidden dining spots revered for their spectacular food and homely ambience—Warike recreates a similar atmosphere in its 46-seater establishment. The restaurant’s philosophy, which hinges on authenticity and shared enjoyment, is flawlessly reflected in its decor and warm, hospitable service.

The creative menu at Warike is a beautiful testament to the harmonious fusion of Peruvian and Mediterranean gastronomy. Chef Chunga, whose rich culinary background spans Peru, Japan, and Australia, uses his enthusiasm and proficiency to design dishes that are as visually appealing as they are flavourful. The star dishes, such as the ‘Ceviche Clásico’ and ‘Lomo Saltado’, embody a perfect blend of Peru’s fresh, lively tastes with the robust, intense flavours of the Mediterranean. The menu adapts with the seasons, allowing Warike to utilise fresh Australian produce while remaining firmly rooted in its Peruvian heritage.

In an industry that thrives on novelty and excellence, Warike stands out with its unique proposition. The restaurant is commended for its inventive use of Peruvian sauces, chillies, and corn from a remarkable array of locally sourced and imported ingredients. Their penchant for quality and creativity, coupled with a convivial, sharing-focused dining experience, offers an intimate and genuine insight into the rich gastronomic panorama of Peru and the Mediterranean.

“Our objective has always been to display the rich flavours of Peruvian food culture, adding Mediterranean and Australian touches to create a unique, sharing-focused dining experience,” Guzman expressed.

Warike’s story is a homage to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Luis Guzman and Hector Chunga. Motivated by the growing popularity of his home-cooked Peruvian meals, Guzman collaborated with Chunga to offer Sydney a truly distinctive gastronomic experience. The outcome is a testament to their zeal, dedication, and tenacity in the face of adversity. Despite initial challenges, the team’s devotion to authenticity and quality has borne fruit in a flourishing business, now in its second successful year and expanded to a new concept restaurant, Folklor, which offers a fusion of Peruvian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines.

“The flavours of Peru have the power to transport you, to trigger memories and emotions. At Warike, we strive to make every dish an experience that transcends the culinary, something that resonates on a deeper level,” added Chunga, Warike’s Executive Chef and co-owner.

Warike extends an invitation for you to embark on a journey of flavour, a melding of cultures and cuisines, and a dining experience that is authentically their own.