New gin ‘Rockpools of Sydney’ by Manly Spirits Co.

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There’s a new gin from Sydney for your collection.

Manly Spirits Co., the esteemed artisan distillery renowned for its exquisite Australian whiskies, gins, liqueurs, and botanical vodkas, has unveiled the inaugural gin from its exclusive four-part collection titled ‘Rockpools of Sydney’. This innovative range pays homage to Australia’s coastal lifestyle and iconic rockpools.

The exquisite ‘Fairy Bower Gin’, priced at $90 per 700ml bottle, boasts a delightful citrus and lime-forward profile, crafted from a distinctive blend of sustainably sourced Australian native botanicals and fruits. Featuring Rainforest lime, Finger lime, Ribery, whole lemons, and limes, this limited edition offering stands out for its unique production process.

Unlike previous gins from Manly Spirits Co., the creation of ‘Fairy Bower Gin’ involves a revolutionary method. Fresh whole lemons and limes are steeped in the still for 24 hours to extract maximum flavour, and then distilled along with other botanicals to encapsulate their essence fully. This approach not only guarantees a vibrant and fresh taste but also underscores the distillery’s dedication to sustainability by minimizing waste.

Vanessa Wilton, Co-founder and Creative Director of Manly Spirits Co., expressed her excitement about this venture, stating, “Crafting limited-release gins that embody the essence of small-batch artisan production is truly gratifying. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of our aquatic surroundings brings me immense joy. Whether in the sea or by its shores, it never fails to uplift my spirit.”

Continuing her reflection on the project, Wilton remarked, “Sydney’s ocean pools are unparalleled in their charm and beauty, and I wanted to honour these recreational gems with unique gins tailored to complement their signature cocktails. Each rockpool selected for highlight in the series embodies its distinctive style and location. Fairy Bower Gin, inspired by the Fairy Bower Pool at Manly’s Cabbage Tree Bay, exemplifies this ethos.”

In alignment with Manly Spirits Co.’s ethos of collaborating with local artists, the team joined forces with Australian artist Amber Oswald to design a bespoke label that captures the essence of beach living. This partnership reflects the company’s commitment to celebrating the Australian coastal lifestyle through art and craftsmanship.

Characterised by a well-balanced and invigorating taste, Fairy Bower Gin is an excellent choice for crafting cocktails like the Gin Sour, enhancing the overall drink experience. The meticulous flavour development and recipe refinement undertaken for this autumn-inspired gin were supported by the Manly Spirits Distillery Gin School, equipped with 15 miniature stills for experimentation.

Head Distiller Riley, drawing on his winemaking background and expertise with fruits, undertook a creative journey to develop a gin that prioritises fruit flavours over conventional distillation methods. Following numerous trials and experiments, Riley settled on using whole limes and lemons to achieve a distinctively bright citrus-centric flavour profile, setting this gin apart from others produced by Manly Spirits Co.

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