New bar in Sydney: INNA Lounge

Espresso martini

Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s bustling CBD, INNA Lounge emerges as a beacon of luxury and nostalgia within the historic walls of The Republic Hotel. This latest addition to Sydney’s nightlife is not just a bar; it’s a cultural revitalisation of one of the city’s iconic landmarks. With the promise of combining unapologetic sophistication and a wink to the past, INNA Lounge invites patrons to indulge in an experience unlike any other.

Stage One of an Ambitious Renovation

INNA Lounge marks the beginning of an ambitious facelift for the beloved Republic Hotel. A multi-million dollar renovation aims to breathe new life into this four-story building, preserving its rich heritage while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary edge. The transformation of INNA Lounge sets the tone for what’s to come, offering a glimpse into a future where history and modernity coalesce seamlessly.

A Cocktail List That Nostalgically Innovates

At the heart of INNA Lounge’s charm is its inventive cocktail menu. Spearheaded by Rusty (James Russell), the Virtical Group Beverage Manager, the menu draws inspiration from the vibrant art deco era of the 1930s and post-World War I innovation. Featuring reimagined classics that spotlight iconic Australian ingredients, such as Milo and Arnott’s biscuits, each cocktail tells a story. The ‘Biscuit Tin’, a peach cobbler homage to Arnott’s, and the ‘Mayne Meal’, a marriage between Milo and the Espresso Martini, are just a taste of the creative flair INNA offers.

Culinary Creations to Complement Your Cocktail

Complementing the sophisticated drink selection, Chef Derek Bell curates a series of bar snacks that elevate the lounge experience. Sustainable caviar paired with potato crisps and crème fraiche, alongside Moreton Bay bug rolls accented with horseradish, garlic, and sriracha, are meticulously designed to pair with INNA’s unique cocktails, creating a holistic taste experience.

An Atmosphere of Dark Elegance and Artistic Expression

The interior of INNA Lounge is an embodiment of dark, sultry elegance. With plush leather booths, low tables, and walls adorned in a rotating collection of modern Australian art, the venue captures an intimate, lounge-style atmosphere. Housing one of the largest Agave indexes in Sydney, alongside an extensive selection of spirits and wines, INNA ensures every visit is an opportunity to discover something new.

A Legacy Reimagined

Since 1865, The Republic Hotel has stood as a central figure in Sydney’s social scene. From its modest beginnings as a single-storey pub, it has evolved into a multi-level destination, offering diverse experiences for every taste and mood. INNA Lounge, with its unique offering, builds upon this legacy, providing a sophisticated, late-night haven for the city’s discerning clientele.

Open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, 4pm till late, INNA Lounge also presents exclusive hire options for special events. Located on Level 2 of The Republic Hotel at 69-73 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, this is a destination for those in search of something truly special. For reservations, visit the website or simply walk in and discover why INNA Lounge is set to become the next jewel in Sydney’s nightlife crown.