New baby animals to see at Taronga Zoo Sydney

8 month old Cekiri by Keeper Scott Brown

With the Easter long weekend and the autumn school holidays just around the corner, Taronga Zoo Sydney is teeming with excitement as a baby boom brightens the zoo. From the swimming lessons of a newborn Pygmy Hippo calf to the playful antics of two adventurous chimp babies, the imminent public appearance of a young seal pup, and the joyful announcement of twin Red Panda cubs, Taronga Zoo is bustling with new life and activities to see and do.

Male Red Panda cub at Taronga Zoo Sydney

These adorable newcomers join the ranks of zoo family favourites, offering a wide range of attractions for visitors. Guests can look forward to the Seals for the Wild and Free Flight Bird presentations, immerse themselves in Taronga’s new ‘Staying Alive’ conservation presentation, engage with daily keeper talks, and explore the newly opened nguwing nura – Nocturnal country. For those seeking adventure, the Wild Ropes course awaits, alongside the Red Energy kids trail, designed to thrill and educate.

Among the zoo’s heartwarming stories is that of Hippo calf Lololi, who with each day, gains more confidence in her aquatic abilities under the watchful eye of her mother, Kambiri. “Lololi is mastering the art of holding her breath and propelling herself from the pool’s bottom for a fresh gulp of air. Her curiosity is delightful; she’s often spotted mouthing leaves, sometimes adorning them as a makeshift hat,” detailed Ungulate Keeper, Renae Moss. Recognised as a critical part of the zoo’s mission to support the endangered West African species, the eight-week-old female Pygmy Hippo is a cherished addition. Visitors are encouraged to visit in the mornings to catch a glimpse of the energetic Lololi in action.

Meanwhile, Seal Cove is about to become the new playground for Eve, a four-month-old Fur seal pup, who has been learning the ropes of swimming from her mother, Keke. Eve’s upcoming public debut is highly anticipated, while her one-year-old brother, Kobe, already delights crowds during the zoo’s Seals for the Wild presentations.

The zoo is also excited to welcome twin Red Panda cubs, born in early December 2023, to mother Daiyu. Nestled away for their first 90 days, these endangered cubs are on the brink of exploring the world outside their nest, marking a significant milestone in their development.

Taronga’s Chimpanzee babies, Lemba and Cekiri, are carving out their paths of discovery, watched over by their attentive mothers, Lisa and Ceres. Their growing curiosity showcases the bond and learning paths shared with their human-like relatives, highlighting the zoo’s efforts in conservation and education about these fascinating great apes.

For a limited time, from 29 March to 28 April, the Red Energy GOOD VIBRATIONS Trail offers kids an interactive learning adventure filled with animal facts—a perfect holiday activity with rewards and surprises along the way. The zoo will also feature an activity hub packed with free entertainment, including face painting and an inflatable bouncy castle, ensuring that the Easter long weekend and the following school holidays are packed with fun and learning experiences for the whole family.

By choosing to spend a day at Taronga, visitors contribute to a larger cause. Taronga Zoo operates on a not-for-profit basis, meaning every visit, purchase, or donation aids in wildlife conservation efforts. For those planning a visit, purchasing tickets online offers a 20% discount, with the option to upgrade to a Zoo Friends Annual Membership for year-round access and benefits at both Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo.

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Pygmy Hippo calf Lololi out of water please credit Scott Brown