Nespresso’s got a new flavour all the way from Costa Rica

Nespresso Costa Rica

One of the world’s finest coffee beans comes from Cosa Rica, so it’s no surprise that this month, Nespresso is going wild by launching its new Limited Edition Master Origin Costa Rica.

The latest coffee from Nespresso’s Master Origin collection is all about Costa Rica’s lush green landscapes and bubbling natural volcanic spring water. 

They make it with locally grown Arabica coffee bean that’ve been selectively handpicked from the Central Highlands, then soaked for 12 hours in natural hyper thermal mineral water at temperatures ranging from 65-70?C. It’s is a unique patented process that means the natural minerals thoroughly cleanse the beans and enhance their finest characteristics, creating a perfectly balanced taste.

It’s a limited edition brew that showcases, for the first time, a rare and innovative soaking and fermenting process in hot spring water, used to highlight the malty sweet cereal character of this coffee. Edgar Salgado, a Costa Rican farmer and roaster, patented this technique which is local to the Central Highlands of Costa Rica and proudly produced by Nespresso

It’s available now for a limited period from Nespresso Boutiques across Australia, online at