Neck care routine: what it is and why you need one

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Most people only think about skin care for their face. But what about the neck? This skin is just as delicate and deserves just as much attention! The neck is often exposed to the sun and other environmental factors that can damage the skin, which often means resorting to various skin treatment plans to reduce this damage‚Äôs appearance. However, before needing clinical intervention, this blog post will discuss the importance of neck care and provide simple means of protecting your skin. We’ll also discuss ways to improve neck muscle health through good posture and circulation, as neck care is not only skin deep. So read on to learn more about neck care and how to keep your skin looking young and healthy!

What is a neck care routine?

As we age, our skin changes. It becomes thinner and less elastic, which is especially true of the neck, which has some of the thinnest skin on the body. The fatty tissues below the skin also decrease, and we begin to lose bone density. These changes can cause the skin on our neck to sag and wrinkles to form, much like the skin on our face. 

A neck care routine can help minimise the visible signs of ageing caused by excessive sun exposure and environmental factors like pollution or smoke. That is why it is important to implement anti-ageing skin care routines before permanent damage can be caused. Anti-ageing product usage should be used to prevent dark spots and fine lines.

Why do you need a neck care routine?

As the neck area is more prone to sun damage, therefore it is slower to repair itself. This can cause damage to the elastin and collagen production in the neck area. Thankfully, there are many ways to protect your neck skin and neck area.

How to care for your neck

There are a few key ways to protect your neck skin from damage and continue to keep it looking young

Use sunscreen

First, you can use sunscreen with at least SPF50+, however SPF 30 is ok too, even if you don’t plan on spending time outside. This will help to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Use retinol and other collagen boosting ingredients

These ingredients can help to improve the elasticity of your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You should also avoid neck creams with harsh chemicals or fragrances, as these can irritate the skin.

It should also be noted that the neck skin has fewer sebaceous glands than those seen in the face, which are what moistures the skin by secreting natural oils. Therefore, the neck needs a bit more help ensuring that the skin stays hydrated. You should make sure to use a moisturiser on your neck every day to prevent dryness and further damage; hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Taking care of your neck muscles

In addition to taking care of the skin on your neck, it is also important to take care of the muscles. This can be done by maintaining good posture and stretching regularly. Good posture helps to keep the neck muscles strong and prevent them from sagging. Stretching also helps to improve circulation in the neck, which can help to prevent wrinkles.

Consider surgical treatments

If you find that a good skin care routine and body upkeep is not enough to get your neck into shape, there are plenty of cosmetic options available. VCI recommends neck liposuction for those struggling with confidence around the appearance of their jawline and neck contours. This combats the accumulation of neck fat that occurs with age and causes facial disproportion and elongation. The procedure can also be done in combination with a neck lift, which removes excess skin and tightens the neck muscles.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about neck care! By following these tips, you can keep your neck skin looking young and healthy for years to come.