How can I choose a new online casino in New Zealand?

New Zealand casino

How do I find a new online casino in New Zealand if you have never played online before? How do you find a casino that is not only legal but also offers great bonuses for free play?

These are the questions we turned to the online gambling experts in New Zealand with, as these are frequently asked questions, especially among those who have just decided to start playing online casinos. The answers can also be extremely useful for experienced players who, for whatever reason, want to change the casino they regularly play at. Read on to find out all the details.

Safe & Reliable New Online Casino in New Zealand

Choosing a gambling site that has a permanent licence issued by the Customs and Monopolies Agency is as important as possible. Only casinos that have proven that they meet all of New Zealand’s legal requirements for gaming services can operate in New Zealand. 

If a casino is not licensed, then it is not a legal operator and you should avoid it, as it cannot provide you with all the guarantees that are part of the offerings in legal casinos.

Once you have narrowed down your choices to only licensed casinos, the task of choosing a new online casino becomes more difficult as you will have to compare by far the best casinos on the market. 

Use Professional Casino Guides

If you are wondering how to find a new online casino, a sensible solution might be to visit a website that regularly publishes online casino reviews.

A good review should contain comprehensive information about an online casino: 

  • information about the operator running the casino, 
  • the range of games on the platform, 
  • the visual graphic quality of online games, 
  • bonuses, active promotions, and VIP club, 
  • available deposit and withdrawal methods, 
  • the effectiveness of customer service. 

But not only that, but players also need information on how they can play the casino from their mobile phone, or which payment methods are most convenient, fastest, and safest.

So when relying on an online casino guide, make sure it’s really comprehensive and explores all aspects of the gaming experience, from registration to direct play, from current promotions to withdrawal methods.

Pay Attention to Offered Bonuses

Finding the best casino bonuses online is something that concerns all online gamblers, whether they are experienced gamblers or newcomers. And this is an aspect that is very important to consider when choosing a new online casino.

Casino bonuses can be of many different types to suit the needs of every type of player and be useful in different periods of online gambling. If you’re looking for a new online casino, you’re sure to find some really great offers, as casino bonuses are the best tool to attract new New Zealand players.

Bonuses come in the following categories:

  • Registration bonus. these are usually no deposit bonuses that are given to new players who open an account.
  • Welcome bonus. These are also bonuses for new players, but in this case, they are usually paid out in connection with the first deposit made by the player. They are a sum of money equal to a percentage of the deposit made and allow players to end up with a much larger budget than originally budgeted.
  • Free spins. Some casinos offer a bonus consisting of free spins that can be spent on pokie machines on the platform. These are awarded directly to your account or to the game to which they relate.
  • Deposit bonuses. Licensed casinos regularly organize promotions and offer that rewards deposits made by users by giving them great value for their money.
  • VIP bonuses. VIP bonuses are special gifts given to special loyal and regular customers for making deposits and betting big. So it’s only natural that the casino treats them in a special way, providing generous and even real bonuses.

As you can see, this aspect can have many different answers depending on what type of bonus you prefer and which one best suits your game.

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Check Out Mobile Version

Playing via mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular for players because it’s more convenient and faster and allows you to have fun even when you’re not at home.

Almost all of today’s leading operators offer you access to a mobile casino, which can be in the form of a website perfectly adapted for the small screen of your smartphone, or as a casino app that you can download to your iOS or Android phone. 

Mobile gaming has evolved considerably, with a mobile casino offering a wide range of games for betting, the ability to fund your gaming account, and a variety of bonuses that allow you to play for free online.

Mobile games are safe and secure and do not put your personal or bank account at risk, as the same security systems are used to transfer data over the internet as for personal computers.


All of the licensed online casinos with good reviews are first-rate gaming sites in New Zealand, so choosing the best new online casino to play at often depends on purely subjective factors, which could be the type of bonus offered or the games included in the platform, the withdrawal method or the quality of the mobile version of the online casino.

Hopefully, this little guide from BetPokiesCOM will help you choose the best online casino from the best for you. 

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