Mr Fogg’s London and Penhaligon’s launch a new cocktail

Mr Foggs Penhaligons cocktail 1

Mr Fogg’s is not just an establishment, it’s an experience. Much like Penhaligon’s don’t just do scents, they do olfactory adventures you never want to end.

Join the two together and you’ve got one insane combination of two of Britain’s leading brands in lifestyle that are making some serious magic for everyone to enjoy.

Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair along with Penhaligon’s has a new limited edition, Liquid Gold cocktail inspired by the historic brand’s newest fragrance, Cairo

From 26 June, the drink will be available in Mr Fogg’s Residence for one month only. Inspired by Cairo – part of Penhaligon’s new Trade Routes collection – it’s a vibrant perfume centred on the richness and sensuality of the fabled Egyptian city. Using iconic ingredients from the ancient spice trade route – saffron and woods – the scent takes inspiration from perfumer Christophe Raynaud’s recent travels to Egypt. 

The Liquid Gold cocktail features a muddle of Henricks Gin, Fernet Branca, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and egg white. it all makes for a light, super smooth cocktail, the concoction is garnished with edible gold vanilla spray, patchouli incense which is set alight before being served, and hibiscus powder, mirroring the floral and earthy notes found in the fragrance. 

To try it for yourself, make a booking at the Residence now.

Mr Foggs Penhaligons cocktail 2