Morty & Bob’s London team up with Patty & Bun do toasties right

Mprty Bobs toastie 3

For a while now, Morty & Bob’s have been doing their Melt Collaborations, partnerships of awesomeness that mean they pump out some seriously delicious food alongside other people who do the same.

The latest in the line up? Patty & Bun who’ve joined forces to create a special, drool-worthy burger-inspired toastie for the month of July.

Mprty Bobs toastie 2

It’s called the Jose Jose Grilled Cheese and will use flavours from Patty & Bun’s Jose Jose Burger, available at Morty & Bob’s in Coal Drops Yard from 1 July. 

The new piece will combine sobrassada – a raw, cured sausage from the Balearic Islands – along with paprika, capsicum and pickled onions with the end result being similar, and as tasty as Patty & Bun’s Jose Jose Chilli Burger with the addition of Morty & Bob’s secret recipe of oozing melted cheese. 

It’s the kind of thing you need in your mouth, in your life and on your mind; so go, while it lasts.

Find Morty & Bob’s here.

Mprty Bobs toastie 1