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Putting your health and wellbeing first: Kicking addiction to the curb

The word addiction is regularly used with a negative connotation attached. This labels a person as being at the mercy of a thing, substance, program, activity at the expense of his or her own family life, health, wellbeing, finances. Whatever your addiction is, it’s personal to you, and if you choose to share your problems with others, that’s your choice, but, the number one most important person that can help you right now to do anything…is you.


You’ve already achieved the first step because you are reading this post – it’s realising you have an addiction. For example, knowing and admitting to yourself that your chain-smoking has become out of control and is affecting your health, relationships, and finances show that you have a good sense of self-awareness and are interested in kicking your addiction aside.


Before setting goals, what is the real reason behind wanting to put a halt to your addiction? And dig deep. Your why is what will give you the willpower to struggle through when you’re beginning to have cravings. It’s what will reason you out of spiralling out of control. Whether you’re in debt because of buying expensive substances and need to stop or risk losing your home, or your addiction is ruining your relationship with someone you care about and so you urgently want to seek porn addiction counselling, or perhaps you’re concerned about the impact your addiction to technology is having on your children. Everyone has a reason to get them to do or not to do something. What is yours?


Think of some reasonable goals you can work towards to build momentum and strength to give up your addiction completely. Your reward is the sense of fulfilment you get from achieving that goal, but, if that isn’t enough, do or buy something (within reason) to treat yourself, that is unrelated to your addiction.

Small Steps

If you’re thinking too far ahead about how you will cope without your addiction for X amount of days. Or beating yourself up before you’ve even begun your course to ween of your activity or substance; this will in no shape or form benefit your ongoing commitment to drop the alcohol, social media, betting, etc. This issue should be taken step by step because addiction of any kind is an ongoing struggle that you will need to cope with sometimes for the rest of your life. Until you are quickly making strides and rarely thinking about your old ways, whether it’s gambling or porn addiction, the concept remains the same. Small steps and small accomplishments are vital to kicking your habit. 

The Distraction

A distraction is essential to entertain our thoughts away from our addiction. It could be going to the gym to better your health and physique after work, and when you’re at home, it might be picking up and becoming engrossed in a good book. Or you may prefer socialising with a supportive group of friends, otherwise, when your friends are not available, you could use your time to build a side business from home for extra cash. The possibility to do things that have a positive impact on your body, mind and life are limitless! You just need to find what works for you.

Kicking an addiction takes time and perseverance to overcome. In fact, many people say it’s still a struggle years on from their addictive past to overlook the activity or substance they once would habitually do. But with focus, it is possible, you just need to start.

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