Kenny Rens is the Japanese place in Woollahra you didn’t know existed

Kenny Rens

If you know Woollahra in Sydney’s inner-east, you know it’s a quiet little slice of town.

The streets are old and wide, with over-hanging trees; the houses are expansive and empty to add a bit of seclusion in the middle of town; and he restaurants – though few and far-between – offer something completely all their own in a format you’d be hard done by to find in many other parts of the city.

Welcome, Kenny Rens.

Lunch time at Kenny Rens? How amazing is this weather?! ????

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Kenny Rens is a Japanese restaurant and bar, tucked away, ever so clandestinely behind a small cafe front, right next to the incredibly popular Chargrill Charlie’s chicken shop, you’d almost never guess it’s there.

You enter through a dark wooden door and his little slice of Japanese gastronomy awaits you.

‘He’, as such, is not a real man, but the creation of local Sydney restauranteur, Nick Diamond whose travels and love for Japan gave rise to his new project. Hence the authentic atmosphere and look of the whole place.

All dark wood, very moody and with the traditionalistic touch of a chef with the Japanese hachimaki – coupled with a drinks list that is as far-reaching as it is well done – what Kenny Rens offers is something new to the area, and new for lovers of far Eastern cuisine.

Their latest menu addition, the Robata grill, is a spread of the best things to come out of the ocean. Morton Bay bugs, scallops, calamari and a spread of everything else that makes a seafood lovers’ heart ignite comprise the plate, all cooked on an open grill right in front of you – if you find a perch at the bar.

Love is in the air when zucchini flowers with prawn mousse are around????

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The rest of the menu is classic, but done well.

For those of the vegetarian persuasion, there’s enough there to keep you going, but for those who aren’t; chicken karaage,Balmain bug lettuce cups, salmon tartare with friend wonton skins and wagyu beef to pair with whatever greens you fancy heralds a menu well-thought-out and even better executed.

Find Kenny Rens at 146 Queen Street, Woollahra

Lunch: Thursday – Sunday 11:30am – 3pm
Dinner: Monday thru Saturday 5pm – 10pm
Sunday 5pm – 8pm
Sashimi / poke bar – 11am to 8pm daily