Why coffee matters this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a special occasion that calls for a celebration of the unparalleled bond between a mother and her children. While flowers and heartfelt messages are traditional gifts, why not surprise her with an exceptional coffee experience at home this year? Coffee, after all, is more than just a beverage; it’s a moment of pleasure that many mothers cherish in their daily ritual. Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, shares invaluable insights on how to elevate this daily coffee ritual, particularly on Mother’s Day.

When buying a coffee machine to gift your mother, the paramount concern should be whether it can produce quality-tasting coffee. According to Monaghan, the perfect cup starts with the machine’s capability to deliver consistently good coffee, which is where a coffee capsule machine, like Nespresso’s Vertuo Pop, shines. It does away with the intricacies of coffee making, ensuring every cup is a perfect brew. The use of sustainably sourced Nespresso coffee, sealed in recyclable aluminium capsules, further guarantees that each cup is fresh and full of aroma.

Ease of use is another critical factor. A machine that operates at the touch of a button and offers various cup sizes can adapt to any coffee preference your mother might have throughout the day. For those mothers who appreciate a hands-off approach in the kitchen without compromising on the quality of their coffee, the Vertuo Lattissima could be the ideal choice, handling milk preparation seamlessly.

For the environmentally conscious mother, the sustainability of the coffee machine is a significant consideration. Nespresso’s precision design ensures minimal waste by using just the right amount of coffee, water, and energy. This approach not only signifies respect for mother nature but also aligns with the nurturing spirit of mothers.

Monaghan also offers simple yet effective tips for crafting the perfect cup at home. Using the correct sized cup for the chosen coffee type ensures the ideal ratio of ingredients, echoing the professional touch of café-style coffee. Warming or chilling the cup beforehand preserves the coffee’s temperature, enhancing its flavor. Lastly, pouring the frothed milk quickly after preparation ensures the milk’s silkiness, reminiscent of a professionally made latte or cappuccino.

This Mother’s Day, gift your mother the joy of a perfect coffee experience, reflective of your appreciation for the countless ways she has nurtured and supported you. It’s more than just a cup of coffee; it’s a token of love and gratitude, served one sip at a time.

Here are Mitch’s tips to brewing the best cup

  1. Use the right sized cup or glass to get the ingredient ratio spot on. You’ll notice café coffee cups
    come in a range of sizes designed to fit the different coffee servings perfectly, while most of us use a
    standard 350ml coffee mug for everything. So, what I’ve seen is some people extract the coffee
    again, or add more milk or more water – don’t! Consider your regular coffee shop order and work
    backwards from there to choose your cup size:

A small cappuccino, latte or flat white: uses a single espresso shot in a 180-220ml

A large cappuccino, latte, or flat white: uses a double shot in a 220-350ml cup

Long Black: 180ml

Espresso: 80ml

As a general rule, your cup should always be filled to the top. The difference is normally in the
quantity of froth.

  1. Warm or chill your cup first, depending on whether you’re drinking warm or iced coffee. On
    average, a cup steals 20% of your coffee’s temperature. That’s why most cafes take the extra step to
    warm or chill your cup separately first so you can enjoy it at its finest. So, run it under hot water or
    throw some ice cubes in before you extract.
  2. Pour your frothed milk quickly to make sure it’s at its silkiest. When steaming milk, froth starts
    to form. During that process, the milk and froth are well incorporated. But you don’t have long
    before he froth and milk start to separate. Tap the jug or milk frother two to three times on the
    bench to remove any large air bubbles, then swirl gently to help combine or reincorporate the froth
    with the milk.
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