How a water bottle can benefit your business

woman holding water bottle

The business world nowadays is a competitive market, where only the strong-willed brands survive. In fact, 20% of all new businesses eventually close down before their second year in operation, which is a staggering and intimidating number for any startup company.

For most businesses, their product is the front of their brand, and maintaining a quality product is always an essential part of growing their business. However, marketing and advertising go hand in hand to support the business and bring brand awareness to potential customers.

Not a lot of marketers realize that sometimes the best option for marketing a brand is the simplest option – in this case, an item as simple and common as a water bottle creates a perfect avenue to grow your business. Especially with custom label water bottles, advertising is made simple yet effective for any type of business!

But why market with water bottles and not umbrellas, notepads, or other practical items? Besides being essential, water creates a good image for the brand, and water bottles are useful for people from all walks of life; from the young to the old. Here are a couple of ways water bottles can help expand your business:

Customized labels make your brand look legitimate.

You’ve probably heard or seen small, startup shops with fancy, customized packaging and thought to yourself that the brand is legitimate as it has established itself with its signature packaging and logos. Customized packaging is no longer limited to the big corporations, but even a small mom and pop shop can bring a sense of branding using customized items.

For water bottles, a custom label is perfect in getting your brand out there. Not only does a custom label bear the name of your company, it also allows passersby to see and be aware of your brand when they see someone holding your water bottle on their commute, ingraining your brand into their minds subconsciously. 

Unique marketing product to stand out.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of a water bottle! Water bottles can become unique marketing products that are suitable for any kind of business. When utilized properly, bottled water can provide an untouched advertising avenue for your brand, creating a portable billboard that people can take note of. 

Nowadays, it is important to stay ahead of the competition in order for your business to thrive. You may have a winning product on your hands, but successful marketing tactics are what gets people to choose your brand over your competitors’. 

Bottled water is a great marketing tool, as it presents a unique take on the otherwise usual promotional products like custom logo notepads and pens. Water is also essential, so you can be assured that all types of people would gladly accept a bottle of water as a marketing tool.

Association with water makes your brand look essential.

When you think of water, you picture a calming blue sea that moves with the waves. Water is also an essential element that every living organism needs to survive. Water, in general, has the image of fluidity, importance, and transparency – all of which are values that consumers consider when choosing a brand.

Associating your brand with water makes your brand look essential and transparent, as well as flexible and life-sustaining. While you can’t patent water itself, you can provide your prospective customers with this association through bottled water adorned with your brand’s logo and information.

Sustainable options in aluminum bottles.

If you’re worried about the environmental impacts of your water bottle promotions, we understand. However, there is a way for you to market with bottled water that won’t wreak havoc on the environment: aluminum water bottles! 

Aluminum is a sustainable and recyclable material that is perfect for holding liquids. Like its plastic counterpart, aluminum bottles can be used as promotional material for any business, and shows consumers that your company cares about the environmental impacts its operation causes. It shows you’re taking a stand to minimize your carbon footprint as much as possible.

Bottled water is great for events and restaurants.

And of course, customized bottled water is best distributed where bottled water is usually found: in events and restaurants! Whether you’re advertising your event or restaurant yourself, or you’ve partnered up with a local business to distribute your customized water bottles, you’ll get a wider reach of advertising with water bottles in these places. 

Sports events host thousands of people regularly, and all of these people will need to drink at one point or another. Restaurants, too, can greatly benefit from their own custom water bottles, which makes their restaurant seem more established with custom packaging. 

Whatever the nature of your business is, you can be assured that water bottle marketing will be suitable for your brand. Your goal is to bring brand awareness to your consumers, and what better way to do that than through the simplest of tools, a bottle of water!