5 things to do before moving to the UK

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You have decided to leave! What an exciting trip you have had before, but for that to happen you need to plan a few things before heading to the UK!

The months before your move, there is a lot to do and much to plan. Once you have resolved these issues and the checklist is complete, you can enjoy the last few weeks with family and friends.

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Send Notices to Your Utility providers

Ending a utility contract without notice comes with certain charges, to avoid those it is best to let your providers know beforehand to avoid these last-minute charges.

Cancel or notify apps and subscriptions

Inform subscription companies that you are leaving. This will help them to calculate your final debt. Cancel unnecessary contracts or registrations. Broadband, Netflix, car insurance, split covers, cell phones, gym memberships, etc. Mobile contracts are the main reason for these costs, based on your contract and your exit payment agreement.

Compile Your Important Documents and Create Copies

Important documents such as your license, visa, passport, medical records, educational documents and more should be scanned and copied. Post these documents online and email them to specific locations, such as Drive, on your computer. Email your documents to your parents to get copies.

It is also a good idea to print a copy for storage in a completely different place. Your visa application copies will be required alongside your passport for your NIN (National Insurance Number)

Losing your document abroad is very painful and hard to change! If you have lost your original documents, scanned copies will be used to assist with the setup, making the process even easier.

Join other communities and groups online

Join an online community of people who are already living in the city you are visiting.

These communities are a great platform to connect and make acquaintances. You can also learn more about frequently asked questions, event information and your phone providers.

Meeting together is a great way to find specific groups and interests in the city you are visiting. Everything from running teams to general team teams. Groups on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are also excellent places to locate communities. On your arrival in the UK, you can join the Kiwi in London and the Australian team in London. They host events and other membership rooms are available

Link your bank accounts and confirm transfers to a free account

Contact your bank to see if there is a way to avoid payment and switch to a recommended account. Just ensure that there is enough money in your billing account.

Make sure your money is stored in your international accounts and close any other bank accounts unless you think you will use them remotely. All of this depends on your bank account and your specific needs.

Additionally, cancel any credit cards with annual payments, so you do not have to do so while boarding or switching to a free credit card.

Tell your banks where you are going, where you are going, and for how long. If you do not do so, they may suspend your account for international security reasons. It is wrong to try to get your money abroad.

Make sure you inform the bank about your international UK contact number. You can call helpline support and ask them to make the switch so that you are reachable at all times. They must catch you and you will be able to find them when they send you documents with a security code.

Your decisions are influenced by your country of origin and by the choices your country makes. We suggest you prepare at least two options so you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Different Options:

  •  Buy a small amount of local currency. This is important because you can’t risk losing a large amount of money but you need to have a small amount on you at all times. It is wrong to have too much money to help you lose any potential case (you will never know).
  • Prepaid travel cards such as Travelex cards can be loaded with cash and used as a bank card. These cards can also add cash and purchase costs, so check which option is right for you.
  • Your debit/credit cards can be used to pay or withdraw cash worldwide, however, you incur large transaction fees. However, keep in mind that the costs of foreign exchange and withdrawals can apply to your bank and foreign bank using an ATM.