How to save time managing your health

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Today, we are under extreme pressure to live healthier, despite our busy lifestyle. We have hardly any time to cook, and paying attention to our body is harder than ever. Going for checkups and making sure that we are on track with your weight management can be challenging. Below you will find a few tips on how to manage your health without investing too much time.


There are several ways you can multitask. Simply walking half way to work might not sound a big deal, but it will make your metabolism faster, and get your energy levels up. Nobody likes being stuck in the car during morning traffic. Find an alternative route and park down to continue your journey on foot. You can also do some simple exercises while you are sitting down and prevent varicose veins at the same time.

Get advice sooner

The sooner you deal with your discomfort and health issue, the better chance you will have to find the solution before it gets worse. You don’t have to wait at the doctor’s surgery any more, thanks to the recent developments in telehealth technologies. You will be able to consult with an online doctor who will consult with you remotely and give you information and medical advice. This will help you deal with smaller health issues more effectively.

Look after your senses

You might think that it is normal that your senses become less sharp when you are getting older. However, you can look after them even when you are busy. Avoid listening to music that is too loud, so you can protect your hearing. Go and visit the doctor regularly to have a hearing test, and avoid sticking cotton buds in your ears, unless it is absolutely necessary. You will also have to protect your eyes. If you work on the computer most of the time and stare at the screen for hours, learn how to touch type and take your eyes off the screen every now and then. Exercise your eyes by changing what you look at. Alternatively, you can try pinhole glasses to improve your vision.

Joint health

One of the things you will have to pay attention to when it comes to aging is your joint health. We can’t help but sit all day; either in the car or at the desk. If you would like to improve your joint health, you will need to schedule a quick stretch every now and then. You should also check whether your seats are set up according to your height and screen position. You can get a foot rest if you feel like you need to move around and reduce the pressure on your hip joints. Standing desks are also a great option.

Quick smoothies

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You don’t have to be cooking all day to improve your diet. There are some amazing quick smoothie recipes you can get done in just seconds. Invest in a smoothie maker, and get some frozen fruit. Make sure that you are using at least as much water as milk, and add some fibre. Using dates and raisins instead of sugar will also help you improve your health and diet.

You can also make your smoothies with nutritional supplements, like these!

Simple swaps

You should not feel overwhelmed by trying to manage your diet. You can do some simple swaps that you will hardly notice. Switching to brown sugar will make you feel better for longer, whenever you are having a hot drink. Getting organic coffee will also improve your metabolism. You can also cut out processed carbs and eat healthier bread products. Switch from your regular cooking oil to extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

Work out in your lunch break

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It is also crucial that you work out, but it is hard to find the time. If you find yourself doing nothing during your lunch break, you can simply go for a walk or join a few minutes of yoga. You can even set up your own fitness club in the gym, or just visit the closest park. You don’t need all the equipment to work out; just a bit of creativity. Instead of spending the time in front of your desk for an hour, do something, even if it just walking in the park or doing a few stretches.

Managing our health can be a part time job itself. Use the above quick tips and hacks to save time and still be in the best form possible, without spending hours at the gym every week. Your simple changes will deliver massive results.