How to stay Handsome according to model and fitness fanatic Tim Robards

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There isn’t one text book definition of what makes someone or something ‘handsome’. But if you crank-up the thirst-o-meter, you’ll find that chiropractor-cum-fitness personality and now, grooming ambassador, Tim Robards jostling around the ‘100’ mark.

Men’s grooming label Handsome is all about producing some fine products that aid men on their quest to their best-looking selves, so we picked his brain about how it does it, so you can better your own efforts, too.

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Tim Robards’ top tips to looking Handsome…

  1. Treat your skin to the products it needs first thing in the morning

It’s important to treat your face with the respect it deserves and to do this as soon as you wake up in the morning. Using skincare products with organic and natural ingredients, such as those in the Handsome Face Pack, (which features both a facial moisturiser and facial wash in one) will clean and protect you face, keeping it smooth and supple, without any harsh chemicals.

  1. Apply your signature smell

I can still remember the aftershave and perfume scents of those people I’ve met in my life that have left lasting impressions. The reptilian part of our brain pick up on this and is either drawn in or repelled. Your scent can have a lasting impression so make sure you do it well! It’s important to keep in mind that aftershave isn’t supposed to be loud or obvious. I like to use woody, spicy or herby scents. The #1 Fragrance from Handsome has a nice balance to it that great to wear as an everyday scent.

  1. Scrub your face after the weekend

Once or twice a week, I like to use a facial scrub to wash off the weekend or that gruelling work day. I think a little bit of the stress rubs off too, so you’ll be looking and feeling better in no time! Every other day of the week, I go for a plain facial wash that’s less abrasive.

  1. Manage your facial fuzz

Using a decent shave gel is as important as the razor, the Handsome Shave Gel uses organic and natural ingredients and great for softening stubble for a close shave.

  1. Nail your hand-care routine

Cut your nails once a week – preferably after a bath or shower, to soften them and make them easier to trim. If you have rough, flaky skin around the nail bed, or callouss’ from weightlifting, make sure to file and treat with a bit of moisturiser every couple of days to smooth things over.

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