Holden Suv: Holden does 5 SUVs: Here’s why they’re awesome

holden suv

When it comes to buying or talking about cars, you don’t need to be an car-nut to make a good decision. Though, if you’re in the market for an SUV – as so many of us are – looking anywhere but the Australian car brand Holden mightn’t do you any favours.

The Lion brand has long been known on Australian roads and has a soft spot in Aussie’s hearts, which is why they’re now – much like as they’ve always done – giving the people what they want and catering to the ever-lucrative and teemingly busy SUV market, which has in 2018/9 capitalised majority of the market’s demand. And it’s not going anywhere.

Holden does five kinds of SUV vehicles; each one different than the last, and for good reason.

Catering to the busy suburban Mum of three who’s constantly running errands, to the yuppie Surry Hills resident who needs something more compact to get from A-to-B while still packing a punch; the Holden name has fast become one to consider when it comes to SUVs and excitingly – and more temptingly – away from the tired old names in the category we see all too many of on the roads.

We got to experience the Holden Proving Grounds in Victoria, Australia, where all the testing, perfecting and tuning of all Holden vehicles takes places – and what an experience it was.

Here are the 5 Holden SUVs and the best bits about them, absolutely in order of preference!

Holden Trax

James Slalom Trax

It’s compact, zippy, drives like it’s got more power than you need – although it’s totally manageable – and proved time and time again that it can handle itself when it comes to sharp corners, fast demands and people moving.

The great thing about the Trax, for drivers who like it, is that it’s small enough to give you what feels like enough to-the-road control that lets you feel what you’re doing. Makes maneuvering a dream.

Holden Trailblazer

James 4WD 3

Accurately described as “the most fun you can have at 15ks” the Holden Trailblazer does a lot of cool stuff that for most people – especially those who aren’t in the know with cars – you’d never even think of.

It’s water proof through shallow creeks, automatically brakes as you’re going down sudden, steep descending hillsides and can tow up-to 3 tonnes, making it one hell of a workhorse vehicle.

Fully customisable, the Trailblazer is a working car that does it with style, grace and a smooth ride everyone can enjoy.

Holden Acadia

Holden Acadia

They call the Acadia the boss of the road. And it’s easy to see why. Kind of like one of those Kardashian bossmobiles you see them driving all over LA, it’s chunky, safe, does a lot of the thinking for you, if you’re in need of a working family car or pet owner and is damn good to look at.

Find out what it’s like to drive the Holden Acadia.

Holden Equinox

James Equinox

The Holden Equinox is the master of corners and mid-sized zippiness with a veritable tonne of turbo power that makes you glad you’re able to drive.

Give it hills, corners, straight roads and potentially uneven surfaces like gravel-covered bitumen roads, the Equinox is safe, practical, makes you feel alive and safe as you’re driving and is as much a family car as it is a large-sized ride for the individual inner-city anyone.

Holden Tourer

Holden Calais

It doesn’t look like the typical high, chunky or “workhorsey” version of the Holden SUVs, but the Tourer is one heavy-lifting monster that can tackle a road as good as the lot of them.

With some of the best dynamic handling you’re possibly ever tried, the Tourer can handle dirt roads and essentially anything else you want to throw at it, quite simply.

All the Holden SUVs make-up the Aussie car brand’s newest campaign for their SUV range, This is how we SUV, which is all apart of transforming a brand once synonymous only with large passenger cars, to also being a brand of choice for Aussies and Kiwis wanting to buy an SUV.

“While Holden has a 70-year history in the market, we are a challenger brand in SUVs. We have great products, many of which are entirely new nameplates for our market,” Aquilina said.

“Holden is embracing the challenger mindset: offering great vehicles, sharp pricing and award-winning customer service to steal share from SUV segment leaders,” said marketing director, Kristian Aquilina.

See the whole range of Holden’s SUVs.