Experience luxury dining and entertainment at SORA

Sora Adelaide restaurant

Embrace the new era of dining and entertainment in Adelaide with SORA, the city’s premier rooftop bar and restaurant. Set to redefine the Pirie Street skyline, SORA, translating to “sky” in Japanese, signifies more than just a venue. This elevated space caters to the discerning palate, marrying expertly crafted culinary delights with unparalleled entertainment, all against the backdrop of panoramic city views.

With a capacity of up to 400 patrons, SORA seamlessly transitions between a restaurant and bar experience. At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef Adam Liston, whose menu mirrors a fusion of Asian and Western influences. SORA promises an indulgent array of individual and shared dishes, each highlighting fresh, seasonal produce, offered in an ambiance that exudes sophistication while maintaining a relaxed refinement.

But SORA’s allure doesn’t stop at its culinary offerings. The multi-level destination also features bars, a dance floor and exclusive VIP areas for top-tier members, ensuring a transformative dining and entertainment experience for all.

So mark your calendars: on the 17th of January, SORA officially opens its doors, inviting you to experience the zenith of Adelaide’s upscale dining scene.