Design legend Tom Dixon has partnered with IKEA and Sydney’s UTS design students to make DELAKTIG

Ikea Tom Dixon UTS Delaktig house plants

Once IKEA start, they obviously can’t stop and it’s a great thing when you consider the vast – and awesome – range of stuff they keep pumping out with designer-after-designer.

We’ve been through the rounds of Scandinavian designer collaborations so far, now moving on to things with slightly a different feel in the collection between IKEA and industrial designer Tom Dixon, coupled with some emerging design talents from Sydney’s UTS university.

Ikea Tom Dixon UTS Delaktig couches

Now we welcome the latest collab, DELAKTIG, which is offering up something altogether new.

The challenge for students was simple: personalise the range to reflect life at home in Australia.

The end result was a creative take on just that, the kind of stuff you’d be happy to have at your place this winter.

Ikea Tom Dixon UTS Delaktig warehouse

DELAKTIG is an open-source sofa concept, featuring an endlessly configurable modular furniture collection made-up of sofas and accessories.  The design vision is based on a platform which can be personalised to people’s constantly changing wants and needs.

“Co-creation is very normal now, particularly in the digital world. I could imagine it’s going to become much more popular in the physical world as well. DELAKTIG is an experiment that challenges the conventional methods of creation and distribution of furniture and explores the notions of adaptability and future-proofing. Ultimately, DELAKTIG celebrates sustainability, longevity, flexibility and creativity,” said designer Tom Dixon.

Ikea Tom Dixon UTS Delaktig teal

The range’s aluminium frame allows for personalisation through clip-on items, such as side tables and lamps, but the range is the first that IKEA has formally encouraged customers and companies alike to modify or add to.

For something a little new and to demonstrate the versatility of the range, IKEA created a 48-hour innovation workshop challenging UTS students to use the DELAKTIG platform to solve common struggles at home in Australia.

Ikea Tom Dixon UTS Delaktig couch

The result? Completely understandable, workable, engaging and delightful furniture, the likes of which you’d be stoked to have at home.

See more of the range and see what you like.

Ikea Tom Dixon UTS Delaktig couch 1