Covid got you (locked) down? Why not remodel the house?

Reading book

Nothing says ‘fresh start’ quite like a spring clean. And though it’s only spring on one side of the world, it’s worth taking-on the challenge and throwing open the doors as you play with some of your own interior handiwork.

Here are the best books this season to get you there.

Still: The Slow Home
by Natalie Walton


Still invites readers to take on the philosophy of the SLOW movement: Living Sustainable. Local. Organic. And Whole. Our homes are ideally placed to support and promote this philosophy, through everything from the materials we source in construction to how we fit-out and furnish them. The choices we make don’t have to be at the expense of creating a space that feels warm and welcoming, though. Instead, it can actually make us feel better about how and where we live. 

A Scented Life
by Pat Princi-Jones

Scented Life

A Scented Life is a journey into the senses, bringing this ancient practice into today’s world. Aromatherapy expert Pat Princi-Jones details what different essential oils can do for you and demonstrates the many ways to mix and apply oils in your daily life for maximum long-term benefits. The healing properties of essential oils can relieve headaches, muscular pain, and cold and flu symptoms. A few drops in your skincare regime can increase hydration, treat acne and regenerate damaged skin. What’s more, essential oils can shift your mood, improve your sleep patterns and lower feelings of anxiety to make you feel restored, relaxed and renewed.

Simply Living Well
by Julia Watkins

Simply Living Well

Simply Living Well is a beautiful and timely motivational guide to living well sustainably and reducing our footprint for the generations to come. Author Julia Watkins shares rituals, recipes, and projects for living simply and sustainably at home. Inspired by wisdom rooted in traditional cultures and that of her own grandparents. Based on her hugely popular Instagram account, Julia’s book is a comprehensive collection of her extensive yet accessible knowledge on sustainable living. 

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