There’s a chilli festival coming to Cronulla, NSW this August

Chilli festival Northies

For those Shire-goers and locals, get excited – there’s a chilli festival coming your way.

Cronulla’s beachside hangout is rolling out fiery little peppers this August, making their way in to delicious dishes, zingy cocktails and an almighty chilli-eating competition every Sunday for those with a stomach of steel.

Northies in Cronulla will launch their wicked-hot specials menu including Jalapeno Poppers, a scorching hot Chilli-Burger, Angry Wings or the Chilli-Roulette pizza. Complementing each dish is the ‘Death Wagon’ – a cart stocked with 30 of the hottest sauces in the world. Diners are warned to approach the Death Wagon with caution…pitchers of water will be on hand to cool down fiery tasting sessions.

They’ve even created two special cocktails for the month-long event, the Blue Chilli Margarita or a good old fashioned Bloody Mary with a twist – you choose the Scoville rating (the measurement of how spicy the chilli is).

Northies is also serving up Young Henry’s tinnies with a Cayenne-salt rim adding a kick to the popular Newtowner, and for a dainty way to spice up spirits, bar staff can top traditional cocktails with fiery Chilli Fairy Floss.

See more of what’s on at their website.