Campervans: the perfect travel buddy

Camper van

Travelling has always been a childhood craze. I remember myself tearing my papers into puzzle pieces, connecting each with tape and traversing the marker to lush greenery yet to be discovered, to unknown terrains only a child of wonder can conjure. The walls at home were filled, not with wallpaper, but with pictures of the cerulean sky reflecting the crystal sea, of mountains with a dinosaur backbone, of skyscrapers that try but never reach the heaven. And in dreams so vivid I always fell out of bed, I got wings that give me freedom to apparate from one paradise to another.

Fast forward twenty years, travelling remains my, and everyone’s, happiest vice. Social media abounds in still photos of myriad emotions, of the Earth’s grandeur, and of lasting memories. It’s easier to travel now than it was before — the Internet creates a web of information anyone can access about perfect locations, beautiful spots and challenging adventures. Service providers have also elevated their hospitality standards and continuously find more ways to get a 5-star review from travellers.

Probably the best helpmate in today’s travel planning is modern transportation — the convenience it provides to get from Point A to Point B has benefited those of us with wanderlust. Costs have also considerably declined, with airlines handing out deals during the off-season, and cities anywhere in the world have multiplied road access, even to uncharted corners.

Transportation is a key factor for a fruitful sojourn or a week-long vacation, and a campervan is a perfect travel buddy for a hassle-free, non-stop adventure. It can make your camping trip a glamorous one that’s possible everywhere, especially with unpredictable weather. If you’re hopping from one place to another to maximize the limited time while trying not to miss every special spot, then a campervan can give you that convenience.

A campervan offers flexibility that is second-to-none. You can have your coffee on the road and still make that time to commune with nature. Feel tired and your body calls for a nap? You can just pull over and catch some zzz’s without the need to check into a motel. Along your route, you can rewrite your itinerary to include areas you just discovered or that have been recommended to you.

When choosing a campervan, size is always the primary factor. It depends on the number of people, how wide or narrow the roads are going through your travel routes, if it’s self-contained like the Camper Champ, or at least has a toilet and other features you need. You also have to consider if you can handle driving a big one, especially when going over rough soil and during scarcely-lit night time.

Layout is another consideration to think of. Do you want it simple, or do you want to get away in style? Does it matter if it doesn’t have soft furnishings? Or, do you really like it to be beautiful in and out of the moving box? List all the amenities you want with the timeframe and itinerary you plan. Your choice will also be affected by the season you’re in. A wintry affair can mean more sheets, while a summer kickoff needs extra space to cool down.

The campervan serves as your home away from home while on the road, so make it as comfortable as possible. Do not overpack — you don’t need to bring everything in your house. Just settle for the essentials: food, beddings, clothes, emergency kit. Plan out your meals carefully. You just can’t wake up in the middle of nowhere with nothing but an empty cooler — and stomach. Stock extra snacks to maintain the needed energy for a longer trip.

More than just fun, travelling is an emotional exercise, a fleeting adventure that de-stresses and marks an indelible footprint in life. Be on the road. Be in that perfect sunset moment melting in your eyes. Be on the beach, with waves soothing your weary bod. Be on the mountains. Feel the breeze under your open arms and breathe out life’s sorrows. Be free — you deserve all the happiness the world has in store for you.