A chat with Alex Perry about his new range for Specsavers

Alex Perry Specsavers

Alex Perry is the name behind yet another range of eyewear at everyone’s fave sunglasses and eyewear retailer Specsavers. And they’re good.

We had a chat with the Australian designer about him, his range, why he’s so into eyewear and what we can expect from the new drop.

You’re fast becoming the face of eyewear! Was this planned, or you just love sunnies?

I am well known for my love of sunglasses, but I have also worn prescription glasses since I was a child. That is a huge part of why I love collaborating with Specsavers – I know how hard it used to be to find a stylish part of glasses that suit you and don’t cost a fortune! I’m really proud that through my partnership with Specsavers we are able to create beautiful frames at an accessible price.

What makes the collection so ‘Alex Perry’?

As always the collection is immaculately tailored, and each frame is timeless and classic with a touch of glamour, which is what fans of the range have come to expect.

What about eyewear for men’s?

I have a men’s range of eyewear available at Specsavers and have actually just released four new sunglasses – I wear these frames all the time!

The new range offers contemporary updates to classic styles such as the Aviator, Clubmaster and a bold oversized frame. Standout features in the collection include a heavy tortoiseshell brow bar, gold rims encased within an acetate chassis, along with satin gold metal temples that glint in the light. When I’m designing for men, it’s a completely different process – I’m thinking about what stands out as an interesting shape that I would wear myself and would that style make a solid addition to my wardrobe.

What’s the ‘in’ style for spring?

In terms of eyewear, for Spring/Summer 2018, I am loving the big glasses trend. This summer, sunglasses are definitely large and oversized, perfect for hiding behind, channelling your inner celebrity and for protecting those eyes from the summer sun.  For a strong optical fashion statement, choose a bold coloured frame in an oversized silhouette, such as Specsavers STORUMAN in navy blue and amber, inlaid with gold metal accents . This style is perfect for wide faces and it’s bound to turn heads this season. In addition, Aviator style glasses have long been a favourite of mine and are great for summer.. 

When coming up with the shapes and materials, do you often plan them to tie-in with your latest collection of clothing?

No, not really. I like to focus more on people, on faces and shapes that I think are fashionable. Traditionally a lot of girls will want to wear contact lenses if they go out in the evening, but there are a lot of up and coming girls who are a bit more fashionable, a bit edgier, who understand that they can wear a really great pair of metal aviators with evening wear and still look really cool.

I think it isn’t outfit specific.

There is such great variety, not only in my collection, but in everything at Specsavers, that whatever your style is, you’re going to find it there. There’s great oversized glasses for men and women, there’s amazing aviators, there is retro sixties looks, there is a lot!

Fashion changes so fast, but by the time you buy a pair of glasses you’re probably not going to get another pair for another year.

We would’ve had four seasons of fashion in that time, so you can’t think specifically, “oh this is to go with a tailored suit”, if that makes sense. No, it is more like here are some great glasses for your life that can go with anything and everything. And you can mix and match them like any other accessory. It’s because of the great pricing structure and the quality of what we do. Then in a couple of years, particularly if you’re in a health fund, you’ll probably have half a dozen glasses and all of a sudden there is your optical collection that you can mix and match with what you’ve got.

See more of what’s on offer at the Specsavers website.

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