Catch up on your reading list this Covid-19 lockdown with Readly

Magazine phone

We’re all spending a lot more time at home with the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, so – though we’re three weeks of lockdown on – it’s kind of good to remember the world exists outside of Netflix.

Think: reading!

Magazines across might be going through a rough time but they live on, just in another form. And Readly is where to get them all.

A cheap subscription service on your app, phone browser or desktop, it brings the best of all magazines from across the world to your screen.

With over 5,000 magazines all accessible on your phone, tablets and laptops in more than 35 categories, there’s enough choice to keep you going.

They’ve done the hard work and found 15 reasons why reading mags isn’t a thing of the past and a brilliant way to fill the time during lockdown…

Stay healthy and fit 

  1. Get training tips for workouts, exercise and sports you can do at home from fitness magazines
  2. Find clarity and improve your wellbeing with a new routine such as daily meditation or yoga found in wellness magazines

Keep the kids engaged and entertained

  1. Harness your kid’s interests and get them exploring dinosaurs, space, planes and more – with a multitude of science based magazines to delve into 
  2. Looking for a little light relief – comics will be sure to keep the kids entertained 

Organise your household 

  1. Get motivated to declutter your home with tips from home & interior magazines
  2. Do an inventory of your garage, garden shed or basement. Maybe it’s time to start a new project that you found in a motoring or gardening magazine
  3. Organise your finances through step-by-step tips from experts in business and finance magazines

Pick up a new skill 

  1. Learn to code or build a website by turning to some of the educational magazine titles 
  2. Knitting is proven to help with anxiety, self-esteem and improve your mood. Why not pick up your needles and turn to a hobby magazine for inspiration on knitting and more
  3. Time to turn your attention to your wheels? Get maintenance tips and start working on your car

Lose track of time

  1. Get absorbed in the nail-biting cases in True Crime magazines
  2. Sharpen your memory and improve your brain function with tricky crosswords and puzzles
  3. Keep your spirits up with thoughts to the future. Recently engaged? Take inspiration for your dream wedding with Readly’s 60 magazine titles dedicated to the big event

Indulge in food and drink magazines

  1. Try new recipes based on what’s available in your cupboard – perhaps you’ll find a new favourite dish

Re-do your home

  1. Find redecoration or renovation inspiration by flipping through the 140 home and interior magazines on Readly

Keep your reading real 

And the last tip…stay away from fake news by reading verified journalism from responsible publishers who are working hard to get the facts and cover the developments of the Coronavirus outbreak.

See more and try your own subscription at the Readly website