How to keep your wedding simple

Wedding floral bouquet

You’re engaged! Cheers! You probably used all the available tissue after that bended-knee moment, on that longest five seconds of your life. Everybody noticed how you can’t keep your eyes off on that polished ring, and how you’re stuck by its mesmerising glow.   And no one was surprised to see you on your baggy under-eyes, disheveled when you forgot to take a good night sleep after the big announcement. You saw that special time would come but still, it blew you away. A perfect day indeed.

The engagement bliss has washed over your lives. Then, suddenly, a pressure to plan your wedding is mounting. People around you offer their two cents on the exquisite details of the Big Day. Your ‘W’ is gonna be eschewed in a family dinner or night-outs with friends. Date, venue, entourage and even color palette will be debated, at times in heated arguments. In a week’s or month’s time, I bet you’re itching to get your partner sit beside you, with a box of writing materials and hot coffee on the table, to start grinding on your wedding checklist. 

Hold your horses first. Before you buckle down and ravage your notepad with a Santa Claus list of wedding agenda, both of you must first decide whether to plan it big or simple. Take a step from there so you can conjure a meaningful wedding both of you wanted all along. Indoor or outdoor? Beachside or poolside? Casual or formal? Garden or ballroom? Whatever theme you choose, it’s gonna help on your planning decisions. The details of how royal or modest the Big Day will be are just an icing on the cake.

Choosing a small wedding does not take away all the fun and grandeur. You can plan a simple wedding and still knock everyone’s socks off. Here are some ways you can do to save on budget but experience an awe-inspiring party.

It’s about time

Check for off-season promos from a list of your venue options. It’s like shopping swimwear during winter where you savor generous discounts.

E-invite and other online tools

You can send your invitations via e-invites to their email or social media accounts. You can also use free tools, such as spreadsheets, for wedding planning, or sign up for sites that allow you to create a free website where you can post updates on the event. It’s definitely an eco-friendly way to save on money.

Keep it slim

Not your weight but, the guest list. Don’t feel obligated to include everyone, especially individuals you don’t know but recommended by family members. More importantly, finalize the list to make an accurate estimate of your total expenses. Always remember that every person added on that list is a multiplier to your variable costs.

Check the equipment rental list

That list looks like a home depot one, from linens to china, audio and lighting, tables and tents. Browse over a list of things you can’t borrow from your family or friends, and check on the prices while footing the bill on your budget. There is a handy list of equipment rental stores, like Accel Event Rentals, which provides a comprehensive list of inventories you can browse online. 

Talent runs in the blood

The ‘W’ is a haven for professionals – singers, photographers, videographer, designers to name a few. Instead of hiring the pros, why not scour both families for talents. A couple or more of your kin you can schedule for your wedding can slash a big dime on your bills.

There are hidden gems in a small, simple wedding. Spot opportunities to lessen the bills. Be creative to imagine the perfect day you dream of while keeping your wallet on budget. In the end, you and your partner can make all the planning frenzy worth it.