Butcher and the Farmer does bottomless British brunch in Sydney

Smeg Butcher Farmer toaster

At the Tramsheds in Glebe, right in the heart of Sydney, Butcher and Farmer has nestled in nicely; and now they’re doing bottomless brunch. Because; Sydney.

With stuff on the menu like eggs sunny-side-up, bacon, BATF signature pork and fennel sausage, confit mushroom, roasted Roma tomato, fried Sonoma bread, house braised beans and a hash brown, it’s a good time. Top it all with bottomless prosecco and the very British Pimm’s cups, it makes for a good time.


Butcher and the Farmer have teamed up with Will Stewart and Steve Flood, both English, who’ve spruiked the new Union Jack themed Smeg toaster, on show at Butcher and the Farmer, to inject a little English into seaside Sydney.

It’s an explosion of British gastronomy, right in the middle of town, which for those with a penchant for the UK, will hit the spot ideally.

See more and make your own booking at the Butcher and Farmer’s website.

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