The best fitness tracker yet? What to know about the Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 family

Touted as the best – and latest – fitness tracker on the market from the leading wearable tech pioneers, Fitbit (now owned by Google), the Fitbit Charge 4 is most definitely up there with the best.

Complete with the stylish design we’ve come to expect from Fitbit, water resistance and heart tracking – and more – Fitbit’s done a sensational job of carving itself a nice little niche in a market now saturated by wearable tech, internal insights and body analysis. But, is the Charge 4 the peak of what they do?

It depends on what you prize more, really.


Obviously, the Charge 4, being the latest model out, comes with the latest features by Fitbit. So, think, more insight, more in-depth analysis, more interactivity in the maps of your physical activity and what your body did when; all packed nicely in a remarkably smaller interface thanks to its sleek design.

Compare that to the Fitbit Ionic, first released in 2017, and you definitely do get bigger bang for your buck, in a chassis that is more slender and less waterproof.

The best bit to come out of Fitbit’s latest round of releases, Charge 4 included, is the introduction of their latest innovations: Active Zone minutes.

We all know that at least half an hour of moderate exercise per day helps you live longer, be healthier and just generally keep things moving, right? Well, Active Zone helps you track what you’ve contributed to that goal – or any larger goal – that you’re striving for. It’s a┬ánew personalised standard to measure the time you spend in each heart rate zone towards your weekly activity goal. Read more about Active Zone here.

A good buy? Most definitely. Here’s a breakdown of the perks of the new Fitbit Charge 4:

  • 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • workout intensity map
  • built-in GPS
  • Active Zone minutes built-in
  • mindfulness and relaxation functions
  • notifications
  • water resistance
  • and more – read the Fitbit Charge 4 site for more

Get it in Australia for $249.95.

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