Benefits of having your own Zen sanctuary

Zen garden

In the busy world today, it is very easy to get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle. Sometimes we just need to come home and relax by letting go of all the outside trouble and worries and concentrating on the simple necessity of being calm and steady. You may look around your home and wonder how you can transform it into your own Zen sanctuary to give you and your mind exactly what it is you need – peace.


The space you create needs to have a positive and warming ambiance. You want to feel relaxed when you walk in the door so that you can truly forget everything at the front step – a great way to do this through scent. The smell of a room can affect your mindset in so many ways. Think of how it is you feel when you walk into a home where someone has just baked bread or made delicious cookies – you inhale and immediately sigh in happiness. You may not have the time to bake bread, but you can certainly buy a candle that smells similar. Essential oils and aromatherapy is another great way to affect the way your space smells while also adding some benefits other than just scent. Oils such as Lavender are great for relaxation and creating calm especially after a long hard day.


Create your sanctuary with things of comfort. Add artwork to your home that makes you feel happy or have your favorite quotes hung up on your wall or in cute little picture frames on your window sills or coffee table. Music is also another creative a way to create comfort in your home. Pillows and soft throws can add not only color and pattern to a room but can help create that calm relaxing space that will help you to unwind.  Grab a cup of tea, a book, and a soft throw blanket and snuggle up in your favorite chair and allow all your troubles and stress to drift away with the steam rising from your cup. Nothing can compare to the comfort of your own home, especially when it feels like a sanctuary.

More than just things

When creating your sanctuary you also want to be aware of your air quality. The air in your home can greatly affect your health, this can cause you to feel sick, tired, lethargic which is not exactly a benefit of having a home sanctuary. If you notice that your space is feeling damp then you’ll want to spend some time researching good dehumidifiers for a healthy home. If you feel as if your air is dry then maybe you need to go the other way and add some moisture to your air through humidifiers. You can hire someone to come in and test your air, or there are also some great little portable ones that you have going 24-7 to make sure you are staying on top of the quality of the air you’re breathing in on a day to day basis.

Green, green, green

One of the most popular things you will see in a Zen Sanctuary is plants. The greener the better! Not only is green a relaxing yet stimulating color, but plants also have so many benefits to our health and to the air we breathe. Plants help to clean our air, so the more you have, the better. You can have cute little succulents all over your home, they are easy to maintain and you can be really creative with their homes. Don’t just have typical pots, be creative, let your inner creativity pour out by grabbing a marker or paintbrush and add some color and life to your pots. Not only will it look super cute, but you’ll be helping your air to be fresher in your home


Make your home a space that you look forward to coming home to, one that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and one that supports your mind and body needs. Small choices can help build the Zen sanctuary that you need to feel in your life. Work at it each day until you have created the space that gives you the utmost peace and calmness.  If you need to change things up a little, a fresh coat of paint goes a very long way in adding to the overall ambiance of your home. Encourage others to create their own spaces of Zen as well. Leave that busy hectic stressful life at the door and breathe in relaxation at its finest.