Make sure your new home is safe before moving in

Front door house

The safety of your new home should be a top priority. When you move into a new place, especially when you own it, you need to check that everything is safe, and you’re going to be comfortable living there. That means taking a thorough look at the property to make sure there are no serious hazards and ensuring your new home is habitable. There are some things that you might have done when making the decision to purchase the property, but there may still be some steps that you need to take after moving in. Take a look at some of the essential safety measures that you should take.

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Get a Structural Survey

Building surveys aren’t compulsory when you buy a home, but you might have carried one out before making your purchase anyway. It can give you peace of mind and give you important information, such as the boundaries of your property. If you didn’t have one performed before the purchase, you could still decide to do one after you have bought your new home. You can use a survey to highlight any potential issues that might need to be repaired. It will allow you to make important repairs now, rather than wait for them to become issues later.

Remove Any Dangerous Materials

Moving into a new home can bring up some nasty surprises. One of these could be the discovery of dangerous materials. This is a risk when buying an older home, which could have materials that are no longer regarded as safe to use. You might need to seek help with safe asbestos removals if you discover that any parts of your home contain it. Or you might want to get a professional opinion on whether any lead in your home should be replaced by another metal.

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Change the Locks

A change of locks can be a good choice when you move into a new home. You never know whether there is anyone out there who has a key for your current lock. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and replacing the locks isn’t too difficult. You can either pay a locksmith to do it, or you could even try to do it yourself. Even if no one else has a key to your home, old locks might not be as secure as they once were. It could be time for a replacement simply due to wear and tear.

Install Alarms

There are several types of alarm that you might want in your home. A security alarm will help to prevent break-ins and intruders, keeping you safe in your home. A fire alarm or smoke alarm will warn you of fire so you can either prevent it from spreading or evacuate your home. Carbon monoxide alarms are also necessary for any homes with fuel-burning products. Carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless, and tasteless, which also makes it more deadly.

Before you move into your new home, perform some safety checks, and make some changes to get everything in order.