All Hands Brewing House in Sydney redoes typical pub grub

All Hands Brewing House ribs

The All Hands Brewing House is chill, central, massive and serves-up some of the nicest non-traditional pub kinda food you’ve found in Sydney – and you don’t even have to try hard.

The Brewing House draws inspiration from the history and tradition of the King Street docks and its surrounds – kind of like Hotel Palisade –  whilst celebrating the art of contemporary brewing and modern dining.

All Hands Brewing House 1

They took the old site of a brewhouse that used to chug along in vintage Sydney days, making it more contemporary with  a full renovation and installation of a new state-of-the-art brewery.

Their menu is all about American-style southern comfort food, so think ocean fresh seafood, hearty meat dishes and platters and a quality beverages, all stemming from the Engine Room; a specialised beer tasting room with exclusive views of the microbrewery.

All Hands Brewing House is a place for after-work drinks, family lunches, craft beer connoisseurs and post- match pints. It is a place for people to come together to eat, laugh, and drink excellent beer, brewed on- site, in an iconic waterfront Sydney.

Check out more at the All Hands Brewing House website.

All Hands Brewing House food