All about Horse Bazaar; the quintessential funky Melbourne eatery

Horse Bazaar ramen
Well this will come as a shock to most people but I have never had Ramen.. Until now and since then, I have had it 3 times and none compared to what I had at Horse Bazaar.
Horse Bazaar 3

Before I delve into the ramen, let’s talk about Horse Bazaar. It is the prime example of Melbourne eatery – a funky hidden gem in the city, offering classic Japanese dishes with a little twist, unlike their drinks offerings which are classic but with a Japanese twist. The decor is a little kitsch, a combination of Asia meets mirror disco balls with manga films projected on the walls.

Horse Bazaar food

But now onto more pressing matter – the food. Being a Saturday, I knew we were in store for their ‘Ramen Saturdays’, I knew we would be in store for something exciting. We were lucky to taste the traditional chicken broth ramen, a spicy pork ramen and a vegetarian with crispy tofu. We also had dumplings and the one thing that gives me life no matter the weather; JFC or to those that don’t know, Japanese Fried Chicken.

Horse Bazaar ramen 2

I could try and describe what I tasted but with my lack of knowledge of ramen, all that’s important is that it was so delicious, moreish and filled this void in my life I didn’t know existed. If you would like to know which one was my favourite ramen, I’m going to let you down and say they were all delicious and worth having a try of all so my suggestion would be to get a bunch of friends together and try them all. Also, when you’re there, don’t be the fool that doesn’t order their plum cocktail. It is the perfect cocktail to wash down all that deliciousness.

Horse Bazaar ramen bowls